This is me, doing the BHG dance

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You’ve gotta be glad this thing doesn’t support video.
BHG called today (of course, while I was slaving away with decorations for the church party this Friday). They wanted a layout. Here I was, just thinking how washed-up I am, and BHG calls.
Dance, Dance, Dance…
Did I mention BHG pays 100 bucks.
BHG, if you’re reading… I’d like to dance more. :)
And, I’m not longer a nurse — I’m a freelance designer for Better Homes and Gardens. Check me out.

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    YIPEEE!!!! Good for you!! And its so awesome you ACTUALLY get paid not like some other magazines. Which one is it – email me – I can keep a secret!

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    Ok I posted a comment on this before but have no clue where it went. So I just wanted to re-say CONGRATS on the call!!! That’s so awesome!! Who needs CK and their stupid “School Pages” call anyway? You’ll show them!!

    Doin’ the happy BHG dance with you!!!

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