A Visit to Bethlehem

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Last night our family went to Bethlehem, which, thankfully is just across the street from Drew’s school (thankfully). It’s an amazing exhibit and I would tell EVERYONE that lives in the Silicon Valley to get themselves and their kids to it. It runs tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow night, I think 6:30-9:30… or something. Go to the website. Anyway, each year I come away with a new understanding. Always I am reminded of the great sacrifice that Mary and Joseph went through and how crazy is that a woman had to give birth in a barn. It amazes me that the most important birth ever, happened in the most humble of circumstances. However, their pastor (or something) came out and gave a little speech about how we need to keep Christmas with us, and that even when we put our tree and decorations away, it doesn’t mean we should put away the light in our hearts. I feel the exact same way. I was reminded that most religions come together on this point, that Christmas is about serving one another and remembering what Christ did for us, and all he wants is for us to serve one another. It’s always important for me to remember that most religions have the same ideals at heart. Sometimes I think the LDS church has so many different doctrines, and I do believe it is the true church but I am thankful for the other religions out there who make the effort to remind all of our brothers and sisters about the reasons behind the season.

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    That sounds really cool. Probably was a “pastor” that’s what those other Christian folks like myself call them. And yes we do have that same light in our hearts. I htink sometimes re need tor emind ourselves of what we have in common that debating on the stuff we don’t.

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