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Ok, because we have no family here and no one invited us over (I KNOW… totally kicking myself for not inviting anyone ELSE over, but I looked around today at church and just felt like everyone had family to go to, or friends who were better friends than we are… please, no psycho analysis thanks…) I’m here looking at all the details on my blog.
Betcha didn’t know I could SEE where all you freaks are looking at my blog from. And here I talk to people all the time who are reading my blog… but do they comment… NoooOOOO….
United States Cupertino, California
United States Mesa, Arizona
United States Fort Worth, Texas
United States Weiner, Arkansas
United States East Wenatchee, Washington
United States Perrysburg, Ohio
United States Portland, Oregon
United States Houston, Texas
United States Sandy, Utah
United States East Wenatchee, Washington
United States Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
United States Cupertino, California
United States Candler, North Carolina
United States Houston, Texas
United States Kennewick, Washington
United States East Wenatchee, Washington
United States Cupertino, California
United States Mesa, Arizona
United States East Wenatchee, Washington
United States Mesa, Arizona

So… if your name is on that list, and you haven’t commented… write me a freakin’ little note to tell me how much you WISH you could’ve been with ME on Christmas. Capiche?

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Hey! I’m an occasional commenter! We were alone as well yesterday, so I know what you mean. Would’ve been fun to be together….ahh the good old days of ink on the couches and what was it they did at your house….baby powder??? :)

  2. says

    Well if it makes you feel any better we DO have family here and we still spent Christmas alone so don’t feel like you are the only ones. And to top it all off Tyler had a fever ranging from 103- 105 since Wed so to have a sick kid during Christmas is even sadder. The fever broke last night though thank goodness!

  3. says

    Yeah I’m in Portland…It rains way to much and my kids have been out of their skin irritable. Most of my extended family is drop dead sick. But all in all it is good to be with fam I suppose. Hugs AMIE

  4. says

    Mesa, AZ checking in….sorry haven’t commented lately. I have to say I loved your marching band layout and so do I love your ten picture, so I hop eit doesn’t stay up here long! :)

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