Thursday, March 31, 2005


You know, we used to tell the girls in young women how you are married FOREVER. I mean, that can be taken 2 very different ways. You are married forever, if something DREADFUL were to happen to Drew, we'd be married forever, which is a delightful thought on most days. Of course, there's those days that you're going to be married FOREVER (said in a practically dreadful tone). Also, it's a reminder that you need to choose wisely, because that decision last FOREVER.
I made a good decision. My husband, Drew couldn't be better. It's as if God made a memory game and we're the perfect match. Last night was just the WORST at work, and he stayed home this morning to help with the kids. I got to sleep in, and the help was more valuable than I can express. It's great to live with someone who knows your very soul and cares for it.
And now that this is in writing, I can turn to it each time I think "FOREVER" (in the dreadful tone)... and perhaps my heart will be a little lighter.
I love you Drew.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Grocery store with kids...

I just got back from the grocery store with my 2 kiddies... I have a serious obsession with saving money, and getting things done ASAP. I went to 2 different grocery stores, because one had OJ on sale, and the other had Teddy Grahams (basically a staple at THIS house) on sale. Is there something wrong with me? Even after wrestling my 1 year old in the cart for an hour I sat in the driver's seat on the way home thinking how delightful of a person I was... however, I was disappointed in myself for forgetting the 10 off 50 Albertsons coupon. Aren't there bigger things in this life than grocery shopping? As of yet, I'm still in isle 5.... with the Teddy Grahams....

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hilary Posted by Hello

The Blessing of Friends

You know, I've been thinking of friends a lot lately, and my own personal lack or abundance there of. I'm more of a quality over quantity type gal. Of course, I've been used to working with the youth in our church and we always stress how important it is for them to have good friends. And I've also been thinking it's no different for me. I mean, I can't rely on my husband to always be there for me -- and female friends are mighty important.

Take my friend Shannon. We IM all the time, and sometimes I think it's so great to know that she'll listen to whatever I have to say and then give me a totally honest opinion. I mean, what would most people give for that type of friendship. The best part is that she lives only like 15 mintues away, but we IM about 400 times more than we talk on the phone.

Another is my friend Kristen -- she's been sharing with me how great she feels since she's started running. I'm turning into a runner... by jove a RUNNER. Ok, I've run a couple blocks, but I'm trying, and how priceless is a person that makes another person try. Hello... priceless.

A nurse builds deep relationships with the people they work with. I have been so grateful to have 2 workplaces where I feel like I belong and the people have accepted me so willingly (although I'm fairly sure they all mock me behind my back).

God has blessed me with so many people, I hope I can bless others, like these people have blessed me.

The Curls have been Pulled

You know, I used to pull my own curls. Can you imagine... now, my curls are pulled by smaller hands, and in fact, I watch him pull his own curls. For instance, just seconds ago... I thought my very own follicles would be ripped from my head, while his other hand was pulling at his own hair. What does this mean for me as a mother? Am I causing this kind of stress -- the kind that makes you want to pull yours (and apparently others) hair out?
What makes kids have nervous habits? I mean, what does a 1 year old have to be nervous about? It could quite possibly be his nazi mom.
So, here I am with my fancy blog. Wonder if anyone will read it.


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