Friday, April 29, 2005

Jobful Cornbread

So, Drew just called to tell me the board voted last nighta nd his job is SAFE. That means no cuts for his job, that means we'll still be here that means it's all good. Of course, I want his pricipal to officially revoke his pink slip, but I probably will never be satisfied since my husband works a TON extra hours for no pay and just to have students call us at all hours of the day.
Simultaneously, I'm MAD that I bought cornmeal at the grocery store for 4.19 (which I thought was RIDICULOUSLY expensive) and turns-out we already have a box here at home (which I probably bought for a dollar). ARG, will I NEVER be perfect!?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Moms are for napping

My mom's here, I'm basically the luckiest girl there is. I just had a 1/2 hour nap when I was SUPPOSED to be cleaning-up from lunch and putting Spencer to bed. I mean, who knew how important moms would be when we were 13? Not I -- I'll tell you that much!
Someday I'll be a grandma, and I'll be helpful...
I hope they make me a grandma....

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tigger time... ho-ho-ho-HO.... Posted by Hello

Oh Pooh... Posted by Hello

Explorer Canoes Posted by Hello

O in California... Posted by Hello

Princess Atta Posted by Hello

Flick Posted by Hello

Mrs. Incredible and Mr. INCREDIBLE Posted by Hello

Cruella DeVille Posted by Hello

Frozone Posted by Hello

We love Minnie... Posted by Hello

Donald and Conner Posted by Hello

Everyone's a little goofy.... Posted by Hello

Mickey time... Posted by Hello

Buzz.... 'nuf said. Posted by Hello

Conner and the Mad Hatter. HILARIOUS guy. Posted by Hello

The Tea-cups, a favorite of the Erickson boys. Posted by Hello

Conner and Mickey Posted by Hello

Tom Sawyer's Island -- seriously a paradise for little boys!!!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Magic Is Real

Hopefully one of these days I'll get around to uploading some of the fabulous photos I took while we were there (and I admit there aren't NEARLY enough). I planned (see post below) and things turned out pretty darn perfect. Besides the fact that I thought my feet were going to actually fall off a few of the nights back at the hotel (thank GOODNESS for our suite room, a few more minutes together and I fear we would've been the ones on the news for slapping handcuffs on my 4 year old). Conner was amazed at the "magic" of disneyland and Spencer tolerated our fun quite nicely.
I remember going to Disneyland with Drew after I had graduated from college and seeing Tinkerbell fly down from the castle and thinking this is what childhood is all about, and I wanted to take my kids there someday. I am glad I got to fulfill this little fantasy of mine and hopefully one of these days we'll be able to stay late enough to see Tinkerbell perform this daring feat.
Magic is real Conner, it truly is.

Birth Plans

Now, I'm a planner. I'll admit it. I seriously want control of basically everything in my life. I think it's a large part of why I like scrapbooking. I make the decisions and the final product is totally me. Anywho... what is it with birth plans? Why is it that people who have them, might as well CHECK it off that those things are NOT going to happen (when they probably could occur in 90% of the other births?). Is it God reminding us that he his in charge, or is it some mental block? Anyway, I find it an interesting part of my job to see that we have NO control and we might as well get control of ourselves on that subject. Maybe I'll just go squew a picture on a layout, just to remind myself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Annoys me....

Why do I work? And, possibly more important, why do I work 3 shifts in a row. Last night was night #2 and tonight's the last of the stretch but I'm SO tired. And tiredness, and motherhood just don't go together. I can't take repetative noise, I can't take whining and crying... basically, I can't take the soundtrack of my own home.
So, just a little reminder to be nicer to myself....

Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Man's Job

I was a sweaty little mess earlier today. I took the kids to Costco and Safeway (Hamburger, cheese and goldfish crackers were on sale -- those are practically staples around here). Then, I put Spencer to bed to clean-out/up the garage. While doing it... I'm thinking this is a MAN'S job. I mean, where do I come up with stuff like that?! I know, there was heavy stuff, and it was midly dirty (dusty)... but why on earth do I think it's a man's job? Interesting little musing.
BTW, Drew's with the band all day... shocker.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Un Birthday

So, today I was the mom in Conner's class today. It was his very special "UN-birthday" -- his birthday's in July, so he gets his special day today. He felt SO special, I could see it in his face the whole time the teacher was talking to him.
I was sitting there thinking about how I could make other people feel that special, just by little actions, especially my own kids. I mean, it's not like the teachers go crazy, they light a little cupcake candle and sing to the kids, but it was his moment. I need to give my kids, and those around me more of those "moments." Conner, you're a special guy, and I love you.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm going to Disneyland and mice live in my backyard...

KILL THEM, KILL THEM DREW... AHHH!!!! HOW MANY ARE THERE?! So, Drew and I are trying to clean-up our yard. It's the annual neighborhood clean-up campaign in Santa Clara... We move this old little woodshed thing that we'd been hating since we bought the house and WHAT scurries out from under it?! A little family of mice. Now, those of you that know me very well knew the screaming that went whooshing out of my vocal cords at that point!? YIKES!!! I couldn't BELIEVE how much I screamed. Anyway, I told Conner it was just because a leaf touched my arm.
Nice save Hilary, nice save....

Voices from Our House

this is an audio post - click to play

Vomiting and sneezing my thoughts out...

For any of my LDS friends, I've been thinking a lot about someone's talk in Conference who said that if our stomach ingestes something that's not good for it -- we vomit... same with our nose, we'll sneeze, but our brain doesn't have a filter. Hence, we have to be our own filter, and I need to help Conner with his filter. It's interesting that the gift of free angency has provided us with so many options and so much responsibility...
I need to be a better filter, sometimes the news isn't appropriate, sometimes kids programming isn't appropriate and it's up to us to decide, and teach. Big responsibility....

Monday, April 04, 2005

Everything happens while I'm weeding...

I hate weeding. I won't be shy about it. I sersiouly hate it, it's probably my LEAST-liked job in the world. A great deal of it is attributed to the fact that one has to get dirty to weed (which can be fixed with simple garden gloves), but I also have allergies, which are never fun to combat. But, today after just ROCKING my yard, and really putting a good effort in, I missed 3 phone calls. Isn't life like that? You're doing something good, worthwhile, and all the fun happens while you're gone? Seriously depressing. Perhaps it's a sign I shoudln't weed anymore. Ya' think?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Tender Mercies

Today was General Conference and the talk that I liked the most was God's Tender Mercies by Elder Bednar. I truly believe that if people thought that every little thing that happened was truly a miracle there would be less depression in this world. To know that I am God's child and that he cares about EVERY little thing that happens (a song coming on the radio that boosts my spirit just as I'm about to THROTTLE my children, a patient who teaches me the things I truly need to learn, or good friends) is something that keeps me going. Day in, day out... tiny miracles.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Car Nurse

You know, I'm a person who likes to fix things... for instance, when our car is broken, it drives me insane. The thoughts of having to take all of us down to the mechanic's shop and then haul us all back, the thought of being without a vehicle. Currently our Nissan is leaking antifreeze and I want to fix it like a good nurse -- that's what nurses do, they fix things. Darn it, I should have been a car nurse -- I mean, we only have a baby every 3 years or so (and most likely only a VERY few times in my lifetime) , but cars break-down all the time.


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