Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A new layout -- love this striped paper from KI. 7 photos on a layout -- check me out. AND, btw, I made the cape pictured in the lower right. Fancy me. Posted by Picasa

Thi is what I do on a sick day

Ok, so I called in sick today. I am sneezing all the time and although I can't really decide if this is a cold or allergies, I decided the parents probably wouldn't care as I'm sneezing over their newborn. Anyway, so I'm not feelin too super hot, but enough hot to know Drew's not going to be doing any major cleaning, so I might as well stay "caught-up." Took Conner to school and then I came home and put Spencer in front of Sesame Street. I think I can go spray some weeds in the front yard with the new stuff I bought at Target. So, I spray a bit around the shed, and work my way to the front, waving to Spencer as I'm spraying the poison. And then I go to the back, and I figure I might as well spray it there and we just won't go outside til' this afternoon. So, I'm spraying away and then I think of the funny time that my friend Robin (I think it was Robin, please don't shoot me if I'm wrong) told me they sprayed their yard with grass AND weed killer -- I could NOT believe how DUMB someone would be to spray that on their YARD -- and I was thinking how funny that was and I was just checking the label to see how smart I'd bee (because I DID think of that story yesterday as I was at Target and was just SURE that I'd gotten something that killed the weeds and kept the lawn) and WHAT DO I SEE ON THE BOTTLE! GRASS AND WEED KILLER. Are you SERIOUS? WHAT THE HECK? I've totally sprayed lawn killer all over my lawn that I obsess over watering. So, I go, check on Spencer (thank you creators of Sesame Street) and go water every square inch of my lawn. It's all VERY watered now, and I am hoping it won't kill it. The bottle said you could water it and it would not work... so I'm hoping that works. But, just another reminder to never think how dumb someone else is, becuase some day that someone else will probably be YOU!

Monday, August 29, 2005

It's true, Conner's a full-fledge Kindergartner now. I'm so excited for him. I wish blogger would act normal, I could put a couple other pictures on. Of course he only went from 8:30-10:17, so that wasn't too much of anything (and I had to stay for a lecture with the principal the whole time). Tomorrow it's til' 11 something or other. Sigh, the loss of control, it's hard... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A new layout... mgiht still ink the edges now that I look at it... Thanks to Lara for the word art help, and shannon for the paper.  Posted by Picasa

Our new little friend

Our new catipiller friend... Posted by Picasa

So, Drew found this catipillar on the grape tomato bush yesterday. I am completely grossed out by him, he's probably the size of the palm of my hand (I we all know how much I love little creepy things). We went to the temple last week, and during the temple ceremony (which deals with the creation) I always think about how much God loves us to provide ALL the amazing things on this earth. He even sent this little (ok, not so little {shiver}) catipillar for our family to look at. The boys thought it was totally cool... For me, I realized how lucky I am. This has not been a particularly good week in our family, but to see all of us crowded around this little catipillar, marveling at how he looks JUST like the leaf (I seriously didn't even see it for a minute becuase he blended so well) I realized that God did create the earth for us, and he loves us, creepy things and all. And if that's the case, I can be more loving to everything and everyone around me. So, take His love, and pass it on...
P.S. Drew and I just looked at each other and said, "is that Catipillar gonna eat that plant?" Perhaps the catipillar will have to share the love elsewhere... :) My kids love grape tomatoes too much.
P.P.S This partiuclar species is the "Endromis versicolora /Kentish Glory" (I found it on the "what catipillar is this? site -- gotta love the internet, don't ya?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Can you judge someone by their grocery cart

Yes, my mom already makes fun of how often I go to the grocery store, but I just CAN NOT buy something at another store when I know I can get it cheaper somewhere else! After all, I'm living off a SCHOOL TEACHER's SALARY. Anyway...
So, today I went to Albertsons, and apparently, they had all the crap we like to eat (which, frankly isn't a lot) on sale. Cheetos, pringles (Conner LOVES the ones with the trivial persuit kids questions on them... and I'm sure that all the talking he does while eating them counteracts the bad calories in it), pop (which, we don't drink a lot of -- but they had 6 packs for a dollar, nice for friends when they come over), popcorn (love -- but I bought this particular variety for my mom), and some other crap. Anyway, as I stared at my cart prior to checkout, I was thinking what a loser I was and how someone might think that's all our family eats.
You can never judge a book by its cart... now, can you.
P.S. I turned-on comment verification so as to prevent the losers from leaving Blam (thanks for the word Lara) on my blog. I can't perpetuate their loser lifestyle.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Hard times

So, I was helping some friends set-up for a party at church today. They're going all out. Seriously, I think it'll look great, and totally add to the whole atmosphere of the party.
There are some familes in our ward going through changes. One going to Europe who's now not and one who's had her daughter enrolled in one school and then she got kicked to another school just a couple days ago (when school starts on Monday). I was just sitting there and thinking about how uncertain life is. Of course, I'm reminded of that every day in my job. One day you're pregnant, and the next day the baby's dead, or worse... you're dead. It happens, and more than we'd care to think. Little things like where our kids go to school, or where we live mean so much to us (and don't get me wrong, they mean a huge deal to us). But every once and a while sometimes you sit back and realize that the little ones around you and the man you married are pretty much it. Parents too, but it's that core of people, that without these people your heart vanishes.
We've recently had something happen in our family that has made us (perhaps me, in particular -- I hate to speak for Drew) step back and feel like it's our family that matters most. Not work, not school, not hobbies, it's the family. I am going to try and keep it as my priority. And, as my dad says, "don't sweat the small stuff, it's all small stuff." However, there are big things that need to be dealt with from time to time, and I worry that I am pushing those things off my "plate" in order to pile-on some more small stuff. So, come here Conner, let's read one more story before school starts...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Boring Thursday

Went to the library, didn't get in the "express" line, felt good about that.
Feeling like I should buy something online, kids are AWFUL and Drew's gonna be home for like 1 hour today. Feeling lucky about the 1 hour. Feel like I need a treat, I'm resisting though.
I really want the Muppets season 1 DVDs, I LOVED the muppets when I was little, and I can't find it anymore on TV.
I'm rambling here, but no one else has updated their blogs (uh-hem) I felt like I should at least do something.
Back to my regularly-scheduled blog blah.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The day never ends, and it's only 10:40

So, Conner had a check-up this morning, everything went well and I needed to go to the grocery store. So, I stopped by the Safeway on Homestead by the Library (take note my Santa Clara friends). I HATE THIS STORE, I always HATE this store, but sadly, when it's "on my way" I just think it will get better (and it doesn't). So, I go through my grocery trip with my 2 kids and my list of what's on sale. Of course, they're out of several of their sale items, even though it's only the first day of the sale. I'm used to this though, because they are rarely stocked with the sale items (I find them akin to K-mart). But, I finish my trip and I'm ready to check out. I pile all my groceries on the belt, feeling the relief that only can be felt by the "finish line" at the grocery store with 2 kids and I'm talking to the lady behind me who's in my church. Then, the checker says, "is that your stuff?" I'm like "yeah" and he says "this is the express line" (and looks at me like I'm a few chromosomes short). He also looks like I really need to leave that line. I said that I was sorry, that I didn't notice (and btw, this wasn't my usual GIANT trip to the grocery store, I probably had 20-30 items, most of which were yogurt or lunchables). And he continues to look at me and then I figure I need to leave that line. SO, I re-pack my stuff in the cart. The whole time Conner's saying, "what are you doing? WHY ARE WE NOT BUYING OUR LUNCHABLES!!!!" and then the checker, half-heartedly says, "you don't have to." But, between us, I knew I did. The lady that goes to my church that was behind me thought the whole thing was insane. And, did I mention I have two kids with me -- one who's basically in scream mode by this point. So, I go to the other line (because they only have 2 open at 10 am). And I'm waiting, and trying to find fruit snacks in my bag. I re-load the belt with my groceries and wanted to double-check the price of the feta cheese, which wasn't marked and then I wanted a rain check on the Lunchables, beaus they were out of the pepperoni ones (I know this becuase I totally scrapped the CRAP out of my arm trying to get the last one in the very back). The checker tells me he can't give me a rain check because it's only the beginning of the sale. By this point I'm ready to hop over the checkstand and... well, I won't get into that, but apparently something in my eyes said that HE WOULD give me a raincheck, so he begrudgingly did (and btw am I wrong here? Aren't they supposed to give rain checks during any point of the sale?). Someone behind me asked that he get another checker and he says, "Ma'm, did you just hear my last page, I have CALLED for one" (completely rude). OK, now my little views of the SANTA CLARA SAFEWAY on Homestead by the Library (between San Tomas and Kiely) may be a tad screwed, but am I there as a FAVOR to them? I didn't know that I handed-over 40 dollars of my hard-earned cash to be treated like I am one chromosome short. I hope that I am never like this at work. I take my job so seriously, and I truly try to provide the best service possible. I know that sometimes people aren't happy with my assessments and the news the doctor brings (like, you're not in labor and you need to go hom until you are) but I hope that I deliver these thoughts with respect and kindness. Hopefully this little venture to the store will teach me something (besides not to shop at Safeway, and most particularly this Safeway anymore). Because, this particular store, obviously isn't changing.
P.S. I wanted to mention that I think it's rude to get in the express line, and I shoudl have checked. BUt, sadly, I've made this mistake before (because I often have 2 kids with me at the store) adn they've always just reminded me as I'm checking out. I still feel like fool, but I'm not on the verge of tears.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Steppin' it up

so, I think my husband read my blog entry a couple below... and I think he was mildly bitter. I hope he understands I am venting and in no way was that meant to be mean. But, last night BOY did he clean. And, if it hadn't have been so late at night, and him being bitter perhaps there'd be an Erickson #3 on the way. :) Thanks Drew, the house sparkles. :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Outside Play

Ok, I was feeling TOTALLY bummed tonight. I wanted to kill Conner, instead of having FHE... but we had it anyway. I was still moping in my sadness, when Conner's Kindergarten teacher for next year called. She was SO nice on the phone, I can tell that conner will totally thrive with her, and frankly, I'm in an awesome mood now. So good, that I scrapped, and seriously colorful scrap. Enjoy

and, I just wanted to mention, for some reason, I am in LOVE with this layout -- maybe it's the colo and everything, and I do love the pictures, but I really can't get enough of myself. :)

Size really does matter

Ok, still having an absolutely rotten day and after laying Spencer down I went to go out and weed, and just see if anything was worth picking out in the garden. When, I came across the cucumer. I mean HOLY FREAKING CUCUMBER!!!! Of course, I found this after totally killing the carrots shown here... which, I'm totally sorry for, but I could NOT get them out. I had the shovel out (the big one) and still broke them off. Sorry carrots, but that's a LARGE cucumber. Proud of myself, too bad the county fair's over.

Even the dryer needs to vent...

Ok, so we all know I love my husband, and I know we ALL love our husbands but SOME DAYS, you just want to BOOT THEM OUT THE DOOR. Am I right here ladies? I'm just bothered today, and I needed to vent. Just some rules for husbands out there to follow:
1. Your space needs to be as clean as "my" space and your "Space" should NEVER encroach on my "space". Drew has his wall, and I'll admit that I have 2 walls, but I have scrapbooking, and I have sewing, and it's not like I'm sewing stuff for myself -- most of it involves Halloween costumes and patching jeans for the Little mister. And, did I mention I'm HERE more often, and he has an OFFICE at SCHOOL? It drives me INSANE when his stuff is on my cabinet. I know... move on, but sometimes you just can't.
2. NEVER read the newspaper while your wife is working. Just don't do it. That's why God gave us sundays. I can scrap, you can read. Period. NOT Monday Mornings.
3. Cleaning is love. That's it -- if you were to totally clean a space, I would be SO MADLY DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU, I don't know what would happen, but we would definately need protection. :) And that's all i have to say about that. Now, back to our regularly scheduled "I love my husband" blog.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fun in the Bay Area

Journaling: Since our family doesn't always get a lot of family time during the school year, we try to make the summer as "family-filled" as possible. This summer was more difficult, being that one of my job at the hospital were calling almost every day (filty lucre called). We still managed to do a lot of fun stuff. Here's just a short listing. Chuck-E-Cheese in Newark. One of the band parents gave us 40$ to this fine establishment, so we went-up and blew-it all on pizza and tokens. I think we even have enough tokens left for another day. In these pictures was our big trip to San Fransisco. Early in the day we went to the Mrs. Grossman's sticker factory (super fun) and then down to San Fransisco for lunch at Bubba Gump's and some fun at the pier. Drew's connections got us free tickets to Great America. We had a great time at the water park there, and then enjoyed the rides. We're so lucky to live in the Bay Area with all the fun things just a "stone's throw away." It is truly the greatest blessing about living here.

Friday, August 19, 2005


There were several looks today.
1. Today we did a "dry run" for kindergarten. I figure we'll do it a couple times next week, so Conner gets into a bit of a groove. He's our first schooler, so we gotta get into a groove. Conner went and had a look into his classroom. I can tell he is REALLY excited after looking at his classroom. I'm not toally sure which one is his, but both were all set-up ready for the little kiddies. He also played on the playground.
2. After the school we went to the grocery store. I was losing it while trying to find milk with a decent expiration date with incessant whining and talking from both children. I looked at Conner, and gave the proverbial "I AM GOING TO LOSE IT" lecture. The stock-boy came by and gave me a "look." And I looked at him and thought he'd cursed himself for parenthood, poor guy. Never think ill of parents, that will be you one day.
3. I had a look of astonishment when, like a fool, I decided to go to ONE MORE grocery store after visiting Drew at school (each had different, good, sales). The kids were SO good. We had a little "who's gonna be good in the store" cheer prior, and bribes were promised for the appropriate behavior. They came through, even Spencer -- I was very impressed.

ON a sadder note, O'Connor called and I, like a fool, am going to work tonight. I sure do like money. Isn't there a commandment I'm breaking somewhere?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

My POTD layout

So, this is my layout, and I was inspired to do it as my pubster of the day status heightened my crafty-ness. It's bascially the simplest layout I've ever done in my life. I think i may be taking the whole "white space" thing a tad far...


Ok, I'll admit it, I check the pub like... um... 12 times a day, but I'm not as active as perhaps I'd like to be. Being that I haven't been published much lately, what exactly do I have to offer? Aynway, TODAY, I MADE PUBSTER OF THE DAY, and, it just feels downright happy. -- that's the link if anyone cares, and you really should care, because I'm a HECK of a scrapbooker.
Everyone, please nod.
P.s. I'd also like to give a shout-out to Spencer who slept until 8 am which made it so I could see 2 Ps before we got home from the dentist, so I could carry this joy with me ALL day. Sigh, what a great kid.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

They like me...

Ok, so my class went fairly well last night. People really liked the video, because it made my pages big enough for everyone in the room to see. I copied (actually, my friend Millie copied them) 20 of the hand-outs and we RAN OUT, check THAT out my friends. Anyway, I tried to mostly focus on journaling in this class, I figure everyone can do colors n' embellishments on their own, but journaling is something near and dear to my heart, so I was glad to focus on it. Sadly, I think I'm booked for some upcoming church activities to take pictures now... but at least I won't feel as guilty for totally not being the ward extraction coordinator (I mean, I AM the coordinator, I just don't/can't DO it.). {hand slap}.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Our VERY OWN Hilary

So, I'm teaching Enrichment tonight (for those of my friends who aren't educated in the Mormon way... this is a night that women get together, and we have little seminars about topics, tonight's being scrapbooking and making fruit something-or-others, mostly a time for women to get together) on scrapbooking. I'm concerned that there will be rotten eggs and tomatoes tossed at me, but I'm dealing with those emotional issues on my own. Most of my friends don't invite me to crops, because they don't want to feel like their pages aren't good enough, and I NEVER want someone to not scrap because of that. Anyway, most of my class is about why you scrap and meaningful journaling, and I've thrown-in a lot of my older layouts to show (I made a DVD of layouts to demonstrate what I'm talking about) so hopefully it won't be overwhelming. So, if there's someone in my ward that's reading this and saving some rotten eggs or fruit, please put it in your green bin, thanks.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Little Face

K, struggled with all the "white" (or navy, in this case) space on the top left, but somehow I just wanted something simple for this little guy. I love his little face so much.


So, just 8 short years ago, Drew and I were married. And while that was quite possibly the longest day of my life I can't believe it was EIGHT years ago. Yesterday there were a couple lessons on the temple and how important marriage is. I just sat there thinking how great life was. Drew and I had such a great time at dinner on Saturday (which is good because we ain't doin' a thing for each other today) and we have a lot of fun with each other, with kids or without (most likely more fun without). Choosing who you marry is such a difficult decision but I'm glad I made mine 8 years ago. Love you Drew!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's nursery day

18 months is a day that all LDS parents count down to. We seriously had a count-down from like 20 weeks away. I mean, initially, bringing a baby to church isn't so bad. They sleep (and Spencer slept in church for like his first year, which was MUCH better than his brother), they're cute, and sometimes you can get out of a boring lesson if need be. However, that gets old after a year and a half, and it's TIME FOR NURSERY oh YES it's TIME FOR NURSERY! Frankly, I couldn't be happier. And in usual Hilary tradition I snapped a photo of the special occasion. Thanks be to Karen Hovey and her willingness to work in the nursery.
On a side note, Conner is also giving a scripture in primary. It's a big day all around.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pure decadence

So, at the end of the school year Drew's music students gave us 200 dollars to eat wherever we wanted. They specified it was for a night on the town, and NOT to fix our house, or buy groceries. So, we'd looked around, but wiht me working so much etc. we just didn't have the gumption to go fancy. Monday is our 8th wedding anniversary (ok, seriously where did the years go, I totally can't believe it?!!!!) so we went to this restaurant named Manresa ( ). My friend, who has GREAT taste (thanks Barbara) told me about it, it's her favorite. We went, and BOY oh BOY was it good. I am always amazed at how there can be so many distinct tastes in one dish. I was really impressed. Of course, our bill just about took the whole 200 (167 with tip and everything, in case you're wondering) dollars (thank you Santa Clara students) but it was totally worth it, to feel devine and decadent for one night. I tasted froi gras, this fancy egg dish (that I think had EVERY flavor in the book in one tiny little egg), parmesan churro (and frankly, I'm ready to throw the cinnamon sugar ones out the window after this tasty tidbit), Strawberry guspatcho (sp?) and meat that was the most tender I'd ever had. PLUS dessert. That's how I feel about our marriage, even though I don't say it enough. I feel decadent having such a great husband who's such a great father and husband. Our marriage is definately rich in flavor. It sure is fun to sometimes play like we're rich.

Friday, August 12, 2005

You win some, you lose some...

So, tonight we went to a reception. Very fun, very casual, wish mine had been more like that... anywho. Saw one of my old YW there (YW stands for Young Women, fyi), she has either swallowed a watermelon or something else has happened. I am hoping it's the watermelon (because you can eat that, you don't have to nurture it). I went up and talked to her. I asked her what was up, she said nothing. I asked her how life was, she said good. She gave me a hug, I said if she needed anything, to call me. She said she has my number.
I feel like a dweeb. Me and this particular YW and a long talk about sex (I hope I can say that on this blog), and I thought I was explicit. I mean, I was explicit. There's few things that make me blush, so I went past all those things. I just wish I'd made at least enough of a connection that she would ask for help. I mean, it's my job -- pregnancy is my job. However, she still seems to be on the path that it's a watermelon and no one needs to know because she didn't even mention it.
Cute girl, has big future in front of her. Love her.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

My mind is thinking...

My SECOND new layout of the day. I really like this one -- the weird embellihsment on the right is cardstock wtih ribbon wrapped on it. The picture was developed by MPIX and I think it's one of the best I've ever taken, and MPIX just made it SMASHING, SERIOUSLY smashing. Love this picture. As always, jouranling is below: Posted by Picasa
******* He's 4, going on 5, maybe 6So many people say their kid is 3, going on 30 or whatever, but Conner just seems to be 4 (almost 5), going on just a tad older. He never seems to think he's better or smarter than anyone else. He's sure of himself with his answers, his reading, his life. He knows that smoking is wrong and that going to church is right. The kid's got it goin' on.He's in this crazy phase right now where every once and a while he'll say, "my mind is telling me ____________." Like, tonight we were eating chicken and he said, "my mind is telling me not to eat the black parts." -- totally out of left field. I asked him if his mind talks to him, and he said yes. Complete innocence, so sweet. So, as you enter the big life of a 5 year old Conner I send you off with a little toast, "my mind says that you are going to succeed, but you've gotta keep listening -- to your mind, your heart and the spirit."

I am mad

Ladies and gentleman, it's a new layout! And, it was even done without feeling like I NEEDED to scrap beacuse I was so tired of work. Here's the journaling, so as not to hurt your eyes.

Conner's going through this new, less delightful phase. I think it may have something to do with being home all day, no preschool release, but everything apparently deserves a valient NO on his part and a lot of stomping and sometimes even a few tears. Of course, as a return I provide plenty of time outs and mean looks. Frankly, neither of us is winning. OF course, the answer is love and alone time with him and more love, but sometimes I must admit it's hard to give that love when all I get is mean looks from the "naughty chair" and an occasional "I hate you." Ahh, the joys of motherhood. Unconditional love at its finest. I love you Conner, mean looks, and all. Let's all show our love a little more often!

The new chairbed (frankly, I think that's practically the worst name ever... so I will hereafter refer to it as the sofa) came. The reason it has that gosh-awful name is that it folds-out into a twin bed (nice, since none of our family lives around here, we'd like to have somewhere for people to sleep). Although I hate the couch we have in the living room, this one is for the playroom, for reading on playing on and basically just loving. It's out of a greenish chenille fabric which I LOVE in the room. And, it comes with a 7 year Macey's guarantee against any stains, any problems in the fabric OR any problems with the bed mechanism. Boy, are we lucky! Some of my more adept blod readers may notice that we took the lovely white plastic shelves out of the playroom and bought a new set of drawers from Ikea. We're just movin' on up -- new bath rugs, X-ing the plastic shelves. Next comes the gold leafing. :) Seriously, I'm really happy with it.

Back to our regular roles

O'Connor called (that's the hospital I mostly work at, for those non-bay area friends) this morning. I was practically beaming when I said I could no longer work day shift. "I was able to work them during the summer because my husband's a teacher, but now he's back to school." Now, that probably won't stop the 7 am wake-up calls (Rrrr....) but I was just sitting on the couch with my Spencer thinking how nice it is to be back to our "regular" roles -- Drew going to work and me being at home. I don't envy him working the 10 hour days (and I am fairly sure he doesn't envy me being at home with these whiny kids) but it's where we belong. However, gals, it's nice to take the summer. He definately realizes what I go through every day (and, btw, he did a pretty good job at keeping the house fairly stable while I was at work -- except dinners, I think the kids have had their fill of mac n' cheese -- perhaps something we can work on next summer) and I totally got a fill of what it's like to work that often and that hard. The 14 hour days were killer and at least I got a massive paycheck out of it (did I mention the new chair-bed is coming today?) and Drew just have to be satsified with a "job well done."
Anyway, here we are, back to our regular selves.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The balancing act

So, yesterday in relief society we had a lesson about enjoying our families. Oure RS president's girls have all passed through Young Women while I was in there. So, they're older. She really stressed how we need to cherish the times with these wee ones. I really felt the spirit during the lesson, and felt like perhaps I was putting my family on the back burner these past few days. I made a promise to myself to spend more time playing, less on the computer or at work. Then, today I was playing, and Conner didn't want to play and it was horrible. And then tonight I had to give availability for the next month. I have two jobs, and I know I'm babbling. I just don't know what to do. I hate to burn bridges (aka, quit a job that I really love) and I hate to neglect my family. Of course, when I put it that way there's no choice. My heart's with my family, not with my work, and that's where it's going to stay. Totally aimless Blog entry, but sometimes you need to talk things out...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Family's the best kind of fun

So, my mom and dad are here this week. My kids can't get enough of them -- Spencer OR Conner. Last night we took priceless pictures of them with each of them, and then a group shot. Even though it took me over 200 shots to get these good ones here I LOVE THEM (and I love my camera). I have an issue with the fact that my kids don't see their grandparents very often, or aunts, uncles or cousins. However, when the visit comes, it's like the circus has come to town. We love you guys!

This kid's got talent!

This is Conner at the church talent show. It's not that great of a photo, but I am SO proud of him. He said a 4 line poem entitled "peckin" by Shel Silverstein. He coudln't remember the title at first, but then with a little help from Grandma he did the whole thing all by himself. Way to go bud, I know it wasn't easy and I'm really proud! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A new layout for the day... I think I'm losing my scrap mojo... what do you all think? Cut a tad off on the right. Or, left if your'e talking about the layout's anatomical left. :) Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 05, 2005


So... I just happened to catch the Today show this morning. I don't ususally get more than the highlights of the news and then turn it off. But, today there was a story about a woman who photographs terminal children. I was so touched by it. I sat on the couch with tears streaming down my face. I know the pain of a mom whose baby is only going to live a few moments. I know how important photos are. I was thinking this is something we shoudl have a resource for at ths hospital -- a photographer willing to come capture those last few precious moments. I doubt it would ever happen. But, these photographs that this woman took were amazing. It wasn't just newborns, any terminal child, and the photos had them by themselves, and interacting with their parents. It was just amazing, and seeing how these parents cherished these photos. It reminded me why I scrapbook and why everyone else should.

My "new" bathroom

Ok, so it's not "new" but it's definately improved. I have long not partiucularly liked that bathroom. The bath toys, the boys that infest it... that kind of thing. Plus, we had nasty mats in there that didn't match, nor did the towels match. So, yesterday, since my mom's here, I decided to go on a search for mats and towels. AND, something to hold the bath toys in. The mats are from Kohl's and the towels are actually the old ones from our bathroom (which is now red and yellow). The bath toys are in a little thing from Bed Bath and Beyond (shown here). It's got super-fancy suction on the back. i am thinking our shower wall will come down quicker than the bath toy thing (which, perhaps isn't saying much). So, until we have the chance to re-do the bathroom, at least I think it looks smashing in the meantime.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New layout... some cropping on the edges, and please don't ask why 2 different items have the #8. Posted by Picasa

You know... I don't think I have ENOUGH hobbies

Since, I think of my career as a hobby at some points... Anyway, here's my new one. They're beads. My friend Shannon got an amazing bracelet and a friend at work does GREAT work, and I just kept thinking how fun it'd be to work with all the textures and patterns n' stuff... so, anyway when we were up in Seattle I bought a bag of mixed-up beads. It's actually been really fun, I'm kind of surprised. I haven't actually done any since I've been back (thanks to O'Connor) but I'm excited to try more and perhaps even venture to a bead store while my mom's here. Frankly, I think it's the new hot thing. Voila.

Do you believe in miracles?

Ok, so it's not really a miracle, but kinda. So, Sunday I had a cold, I was recovering, feeling fairly fine, cleaned my house, blew my nose a bit and went to Soccer. While there I had a fit of inspiration to call my work and see when the competancy days were. Of course, they were desperate and wanted me to work (I know, hold-off your shock). I, like a fool, said I'd come in for 4 hours. Drew, of course thought I'd bet there all night. True to form, I did decide to stay 6 (Which turned into 7) hours. So, I go in to my c-section adn the woman looks totally familiar. She's about my age... anyway, I'm going through my little pre-op checklist and she just still seems familiar, but I can't put a finger on it. She says I look familiar too. I went on a limb and asked if she was Mormon. She was (I know, total hippa violation, but I'm dealing with my sins). She also went to BYU, but we graduated 2 years apart and she was in nursing school... but I figure I just saw her in the computer lab or something. Then, we go back to the operating room and as she's getting her spinal placed she was like, "we were in core together!" I mean, how weird is that!? I wasn't going to take her as a patient, but a spanish speaker walked-up to be my next patient and I wasn't in the mood (another hippa violation, sue me). Anyway, it was fun to catch-up with each other. I, outside of church, NEVER see anyone I know from Utah, I was just so suprised. Anyway, I don't really believe in coincedences, and I feel like it happened for a reason. Maybe just God giving us a little wink from up there that he's watching, and that he loves us. I'm winkin' right back at you god, and know that I appreciate the thought. ;)


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