Friday, December 30, 2005

Goin' through my papers...

At the end of each year I like to go through my papers... shred the stuff we don't need, just see what's around. Check how our taxes are gonna look. It's such a nice feeling. I love the feeling of throwing old stuff we don't need away (that's right, psycho stalkers, I shred all the important stuff... so don't check my trash tonight -- Drew will be shredding for weeks), and keeping everything in check.
Do you feel Monkish (anyone seen the USA commercial?)
Yes, yes I do....

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Meet my buddy darth...

You know, you really haven't cleaned your house til' you've cleaned it with Darth Vader at your side. Conner has his Darth Vader voice changing mask on about 30% of the day, 75% off waking/non-eating hours. Oh boy... is it fun. Mostly he just breathes into it, not a big fan of the way his voice actually sounds in the VOICE changer (note, not a breath changer, and it actually has a button for the ACTUAL darth respirations). Spencer follows him around the house trying to make the darth sounds as well. I'd say it's time for me to just put some side buns on and just join-in at this point.
Spencer got that Leapfrog Alphabet thingy that normally goes on your fridge (I found it so annoying I got a container from Big Lots to keep it in the playroom). It sings the alphabet song. It's too funny because he just says A - B- B- B- B- B- B... get my drift? I have taken note that many of the letters in our alphabet sound like B -- and, really, why take the time to pronouce them all?
Tis the season my friends, tis the season.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Who ARE all these people

Ok, because we have no family here and no one invited us over (I KNOW... totally kicking myself for not inviting anyone ELSE over, but I looked around today at church and just felt like everyone had family to go to, or friends who were better friends than we are... please, no psycho analysis thanks...) I'm here looking at all the details on my blog.
Betcha didn't know I could SEE where all you freaks are looking at my blog from. And here I talk to people all the time who are reading my blog... but do they comment... NoooOOOO....
United States Cupertino, California
United States Mesa, Arizona
United States Fort Worth, Texas
United States Weiner, Arkansas
United States East Wenatchee, Washington
United States Perrysburg, Ohio
United States Portland, Oregon
United States Houston, Texas
United States Sandy, Utah
United States East Wenatchee, Washington
United States Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
United States Cupertino, California
United States Candler, North Carolina
United States Houston, Texas
United States Kennewick, Washington
United States East Wenatchee, Washington
United States Cupertino, California
United States Mesa, Arizona
United States East Wenatchee, Washington
United States Mesa, Arizona

So... if your name is on that list, and you haven't commented... write me a freakin' little note to tell me how much you WISH you could've been with ME on Christmas. Capiche?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Gingerbread Fun

Gingerbread house making day today at the Ericksons. Big fun. Pics included...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas is sneaking up on us...

I just walked by our Calendar, to see if anything exciting was happening this weekend. Sadly, it's Christmas and Drew and I both are lacking the festive spirit. It just seems like Christmas is sneaking up on us. No family parties, no snow, each of us basically knowing what we're getting... We are excited for the kids, and excited for some new toys around the house (amen)... but I wish something would get us in the mood. I do believe this is our first Christmas completely "alone". I had a brother that lived here when we first moved here, and we did some Christmas fun with them on the big day, and last year were were in UT... but now we're by ourselves. Does anyone have anything that gets them in the spirit? We made treats for friends today and mostly I wanted to take the curly ribbon and wrap it around our kids...
Man, is there a prozac spray? The Ericksons could sure use some.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

A fun little link

So, I know many of you have kids at home at this festive time. Today my friend Amie shared a link with me, but Conner and I thought it was pretty fun. I even sent Santa a letter, and you get a quick reply.

Happy Shannon and Erica? Nothing's more "awkward" than a PHOTO taken of you in marching band... esp. that one. Yikes.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mrs. Ross

Here's a picture of Conner and Mrs. Loeb, Conner's student teacher who just finished up her "rotation" with his Kindergarten class and Mrs. Ross (silent cheer for Mrs. Ross).
Ok, here's the REAL question, why on EARTH do you go to private school when you can have an AWE-some teacher like Mrs. Ross. Love her (said like that psycho 2 headed dragon on Dragon Tales -- anyone know what I'm talking about here).
They did a gift exchange yesterday. We were supposed to bring a 5 dollar uni-sex present to class. One of the kids totally lost it and I just appreciated how great Conner was. He got a game, was just fine with that. I also appreciated Mrs. Ross for giving the kids the opportunity to show their grown-up skills of gratitude.
Went to a super fun party last night, have another one tonight. Feeling popular. I rock. :)

Mrs. Ross

Here's a picture of Conner and Mrs. Loeb, Conner's student teacher who just finished up her "rotation" with his Kindergarten class and Mrs. Ross (silent cheer for Mrs. Ross).
Ok, here's the REAL question, why on EARTH do you go to private school when you can have an AWE-some teacher like Mrs. Ross. Love her (said like that psycho 2 headed dragon on Dragon Tales -- anyone know what I'm talking about here).
They did a gift exchange yesterday. We were supposed to bring a 5 dollar uni-sex present to class. One of the kids totally lost it and I just appreciated how great Conner was. He got a game, was just fine with that. I also appreciated Mrs. Ross for giving the kids the opportunity to show their grown-up skills of gratitude.
Went to a super fun party last night, have another one tonight. Feeling popular. I rock. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Caution to the wind, aka. faith

I have made the choice to be a per diem employee. I have made it because my family is my first priority, period. This means that I am the first to be cancelled, the first to be put on call and the lowest on the proverbial totem pole. Of course, I think it takes great faith to have this job position. It is not as if we need no income from my side of the boat, in fact we need a fair amount but I have decided that I have to have faith that God will provide.
I don't know if many of you know, but in the LDS church we pay 10% of our earnings toward tithing. It's a fair amount, but I truly believe that if we continue to pay that we will receive blessings that will more than outweigh whatever we could have bought with the money.
I do have faith that the blessings of tithing will pull us through. They'll put women into labor, they'll get us the money we need. Of course, the problem is it's money we need. We don't need a lot in savings, we don't need to get me a whole wardrobe, but we do need food and to pay our mortgage.
Now, the problem is letting that faith take over. I've always liked that scene in Indian Jones where he has to take the leap of faith over the deep crevice. I feel like I am constantly making that leap, and sometimes I feel just as scared as Mr. Indy himself. So, with one foot in front of the other we plod down our little path. Watch out for the poison ivy on the right there....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Amazing Photos

I guess these are winners of some sort of National Geographic photography-something-or-other (sounds exciting doesn't it?). Anyway, they're AMAZING, take a look in your free time.

A Visit to Bethlehem

Last night our family went to Bethlehem, which, thankfully is just across the street from Drew's school (thankfully). It's an amazing exhibit and I would tell EVERYONE that lives in the Silicon Valley to get themselves and their kids to it. It runs tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow night, I think 6:30-9:30... or something. Go to the website. Anyway, each year I come away with a new understanding. Always I am reminded of the great sacrifice that Mary and Joseph went through and how crazy is that a woman had to give birth in a barn. It amazes me that the most important birth ever, happened in the most humble of circumstances. However, their pastor (or something) came out and gave a little speech about how we need to keep Christmas with us, and that even when we put our tree and decorations away, it doesn't mean we should put away the light in our hearts. I feel the exact same way. I was reminded that most religions come together on this point, that Christmas is about serving one another and remembering what Christ did for us, and all he wants is for us to serve one another. It's always important for me to remember that most religions have the same ideals at heart. Sometimes I think the LDS church has so many different doctrines, and I do believe it is the true church but I am thankful for the other religions out there who make the effort to remind all of our brothers and sisters about the reasons behind the season.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Party Photos... get in the spirit (DANG IT)

Last night was the ward Christmas party, and yes... Garth Ghelbach rocked it out on the drums, and Conner rocked it even harder clad as a shepherd. The primary kids dressed up as shepherds and angels (yesterday afternoon Conner told me he wanted to dress-up as an angel I told him I didn't think I had the fortitude to lie that hard -- ok, I didn't, but I wanted to). In perhaps the most shocking event of the night, we learned that Justin Spencer DOES DISHES, and actually can clean like a merry-maid. Check him out, looking like I found him doing pot, instead of cleaning out the juice container. Nice job Justin (Catmull put me up to this). BTW, Conner asked Santa for a fantastic four costume. Seriously, do they even make those? And why on EARTH wasn't that SANTA'S RESPONSE? Oh well... at least I got him to get a some "good boy" reminders in. Love that Santa fella.

Friday, December 09, 2005


So, tonight's our church Christmas party. Spencer's sick, I'm sick (I do believe Conner passed a bit of his tummy flu onto his dear old mom), Conner's just bugging me. I'm just not in the festive mood, good thing I'm part in charge of this beast. So, at least it'll be done after tonight. The ONLY thing that is giving me the will to get out of bed (besides the incessant whining of my children) is Garth Ghelbach's drum solo tonight (enough of a plug Garth?).
Hope everyone else is feeling a little more grand.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Back to the Nativity

I think that Joesph is a favorite of mine in the nativity. I think that most of us find ourselves in the "Joesph" situation. We are the one supporting the main figure. I can't imagine what went through Joesph's head. Did he wonder if the angel really came to him, did he wonder if Mary was lying? Through Joesph I learn to trust the things that I "know" and that the supporting role is just as important as the "big" role. I think that Joseph is someone I'd like to meet someday and see how he felt the whole time. I hope he teaches a class in heaven about his life. I'd sit in the front row.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The first of MANY haloween layouts... please don't talk about the title. I am not friends with it. Obvious weird cropping on the left. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This is me, doing the BHG dance

You've gotta be glad this thing doesn't support video.
BHG called today (of course, while I was slaving away with decorations for the church party this Friday). They wanted a layout. Here I was, just thinking how washed-up I am, and BHG calls.
Dance, Dance, Dance...
Did I mention BHG pays 100 bucks.
BHG, if you're reading... I'd like to dance more. :)
And, I'm not longer a nurse -- I'm a freelance designer for Better Homes and Gardens. Check me out.

I am a Wise Man

So, what can we learn from the Wise Men? Well, first of they read the teachings of ancient prophets, and they watched. I can read the scriptures and keep my eyes open for another coming of the Savior. But I think the thing I learn most from them is that they were willing to take a journey to see the special . It's not as if they were going around the block... they had to travel a while. They also showed loyalty to the sweet baby by not telling Harrod. I can show my loyalty by doing good service this Christmas. At least I'll try.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Check out my 90's layout. Gosh, I'd have been pub'd for sure back then... but, I like it now too... :) Gets all the necessary info anyway. ;) Posted by Picasa

What Can We Learn from the Nativity

We had a visiting teaching conference yesterday at church (visiting teaching is where I am assigned 4 ladies in our ward along with another woman to help me out and we go out and visit those women, make sure they're taken care of, be their friend). It was really great and it was applying the nativity to visiting teaching, but I'm going to expand the idea on my blog. I love nativities, espeically ones that aren't breakable and that my kids can see...
Today I am going to do the animals. I love that there are animals in the nativity, not only because it makes it more playable, but it reminds me that everyone could tell that this particular baby was something special. I think that often children and animals are more sensitives to the more tender things in life. I think that I need to be more childlike in this manner and truly leave myself open for promptings from Heavenly Father -- help a friend, help someone who's not my friend, be a better mother. The reminder of what is truly important is always a good one.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

King of the Aliens

Conner got this fancy hat at Fudrucker's last night. He's the self proclaimed "King of the Aliens" Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Reason for the Season

Well, puke-ville's over. Glad to see that go... don't let the door hit you on the you-know-what on your way out, Mr. Flu. So, today I hit the dollar store for some stocking stuffers. LOVE DOLLAR TREE. Period. Even got some Elmo wrapping paper for a soon-to-be-very-excited Mr .Spencer.
Then, we went up to the Oakland temple for a production called "Behold the Gift." It's kind of a modern dance rendition of the Nativity and then Christ's visit to the America's (which is what a great part of the Book of Mormon is about). I was SO amazed, Spencer watched the whole thing on Drew's lap and seemed to love it. At the end when we were clapping, he was going CRAZY. I had two strong impressions during the show. 1. How hard it was for Mary to be pregnant by who KNOWS how and then how hard it was for Joseph to trust in the Lord and believe the angel and Mary. I think that more often we are like Joseph, left to just trust, and help out. The guy's a winner, and I feel like a lot of churches leave him out of a lot of the festivities. 2. They did an amazing dance after Mary and friend go to the tomb and find-out that Christ has risen. I was really impressed as to how amazing that moment must've been for them. To know that he lives again. I truly felt the spirit and enjoyed the show. I know that Drew and the boys felt the same thing. We then looked at the lights around the temple and enjoyed the spirit there. Then, it was off to Fudruckers for burgers.
Woohoo... A good time was had by all and nary a thought of vomitola. :)

Friday, December 02, 2005

I know... you want me fancy pumpkin buttons. Just felt the need for a good ol' 90's layout. How'd I do? My favorite part is the special sauce. Posted by Picasa


Conner puked every hour last night. Told me his stomach hurt. I asked him if he felt like throwing-up. No. Did I give him something to puke in? NO... so, Drew and I were on hands and knees cleaning up the carpet at 3 am last night. Big fun peeps, big fun.
So, I'm feeling queasy and NOTHING is worse than puking and parenting, at least in my book. Wish me luck gals... wish me luck.
BTW, this particular entry is to annoy all those "friends" who don't comment and might get grossed-out by some simple mommy talk... :)


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