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I am just feeling so lost lately. Thankfully I worked on Wednesday which is a place I just have to know what I’m doing and move on… but… OK, so I’m entering the CK Hall of Fame Contest (Scrapbooking here friends… feel free to move on to yesterday’s entry). I had my layouts done and now I just feel like I can’t make any decisions, can’t do anything on my own. I mean… it’s me who’s gonna win this contest, not my friends (and I mean “win this contest” in a purely dramatic fashion, not as if i expect anything from my priority mail envelope which will, hopefully, be sent out this week).
I had a very bad outcome from the last time I entered. Frankly, my peeps, I’m used to winning — well, things that I put my whole heart into. That hasn’t been quite as true since I left college, but I was all about winning before then.
So, I have decided (and this IS the last time I’m entering, I’m only doing it this time so my friend Lara will win and so that I can get over my Hall of Fame phobia) that I am going to put my whole heart into this entry, so I’ll just have some smashing pages out there. But, to know that I submitted my best is a nice feeling in it of itself, and although a few days, here and there, have been mildly stressful I have enjoyed stretching myself to do their challenges and seeing what my peeps thought of my entry.
My parents are here… I think they think I’ve lost it, and I vow not to scrap til’ they leave on Tuesday. I do believe it is finished.

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    Go you! It’s a good feeling to know it’s done. As for your friend Lara winning, we’ll have to see if she even gets an entry in at this point. Sigh.

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    That whole contest is so nervewracking isn’t it? Frankly I think it’s amazing you are done this early and you have great layouts! All you can do is give it your best and hope & pray! Good luck!!!!

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