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No, I will not be referring to the wildly-popular-yet-its-on-Wednesday-nights-so-I-never-see-it TV show… I am referring to a library book — Adam Sharp to be exact.
I DREAD library day, and no, it’s not because Spencer is less than quiet in the library — but that I have to go on a hunt for library books. And we get no small amount of library books in OUR family — this last time our total was 27, which is actually low for us.
So, we can’t find Adam Sharp — Operation Spy School. It’s one of those stupid early reader chapter books that are insanely small… and easily lost.
I am thinking we don’t need to get many more of those at the library.
AND I am totally freaking out that it is so lost that I can not find it.
And Drew’s not answering his cell phone. Conner mentioned something about Drew and sorting and this book…
Life is hard ladies…

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I got in good with one of the librarians and extended my time a bit to search a little longer without fines. In the end we didn’t find it and months later it turned up….in dad’s car, of course, where he swore it NEVER would be!!!! Check Drew’s car! p.s. It was called “Mouse T.V.”…funny how you never forget the name once it stays on your already-stuffed-full-of-useless-information brain for that long!!

  2. says

    Monkeys on parade-that’s the title I can’t forget. ONly it wasn’t lost it was ripped into pieces by Sydni when she was about 2 years old. So we got to buy that book from the library. I taped it together and it is still on our shelf today so I can remind Sydni what we “don’t” do to books.

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