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Welcome New Year. Conner and Drew are both back to school today (seriously, no mail and my kid’s at school… whatev) and I am seriously on the ball. I even did my Flylady zone for the day, using the Shark my mom gave me (in LOVE with it) to vacuum the front porch area.
Yesterday we had church in the dark. Different experience, don’t really recommend it when books are your main attraction for your 2 year old in sacrament meeting. Lots of storms here in CA, luckily we’re more in the “central valley” rather than the north… in case anyone cares. We’ve had a lot of rain, some downed power lines but that seems to be about it.
So, with the new year I have some resolutions, and we all know that screaming them out in a public forum, like a blog, can only enhance my want to do them.
1. I’m gonna work-out every day, except Sundays. Walking, mommy and me video, the aerobics classes at the rec center… you name it, I’m gonna try it. And I’m gonna do it every day.
2. I’m gonna start having salads for lunch and I am going to learn some new salad recipes to enhance my salad eating. I’m always throwing together myself a lunch and I might as well throw a salad together, rather than cheese with mayo.
3. Drew and I are going to read the Book of Mormon together this year. Most likely that will just be reading together on Sundays but trying to keep up with each other.
4. I am going to write an article for a Scrapbook Magazine this year. Uh huh… totally out there, but I thought I’d have one to fail at so my other 3 I could keep strong with.
So… anyone have any great salad recipes? Anyone have any new years resolutions they want to share?

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Here... on my third (really, it's the second) day of resolution...


  1. gg says

    For awhile I was hooked on the following salad: green leaf or equiv lettuce, honey sesame sticks, wasabe peas, and Joey D’s creamy chinese chicken salad dressing. I can get you a sample if you’re interested in trying before buying. Also some of the ingredients may be difficult to find… but I’ll bet some specialty food stores will have this stuff (I got my stuff from Ikeda’s fruit stand in Auburn, CA.)

    Way to go healthy. Our household should be so inspired.

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