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Just wanted to start my blog off by saying that I am still going strong on the resolution. Even on a day I worked, yesterday, I did 10 minutes of pilates (I know it’s not much, but I am kind of busy on work days) and ate my salad (I put a little swiss and salami in it — and I mean a LITTLE, but it was yummy — like a club salad kinda).
So… last night we had a fetal demise, almost term. We all just sit around and marvel how moms who have smoked (do you smoke ?) can have a perfectly fine baby and yet other moms just have weird things happen, and their babies die. I wonder how God decides who gets which trials and the funny thing is, that those moms smoking , perhaps those babies will be their biggest trial, whereas other moms would’ve counted that as their greatest blessing. I know in my heart that God will even it all out in the end.

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Here... on my third (really, it's the second) day of resolution...


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    Ok – well I am catching up on like 4 days of blog entried I think! First of all congrats on being disciplined about your relsolution (can you mail me some of that? :-). Second – ugh I know I wish we could know all the heavenly resaoning why some things happen and some don’t but then we’d be God and I don’t want that job! Third – awesome layouts. I am catching up too as you already knw from my resolutions. I like how you did the big black arrow – cute! I also think you’d be a great article writer. Those magazines need someone with a good sense of humor!

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    I’ve given a lot of thought to the decisions Heavenly Father has to make and how I’m glad it’s not me trying to make them and explain them. With only 2 1/2 months left in my own pregnancy all seems fine (and NO, I don’t smoke!) but you never know. We are naming him after my cousins oldest son who was killed when he was 8 (we were in Cali then, do you remember that happening?) and I wonder is that asking for trouble? We feel it’s honoring him and I don’t believe in superstitious stuff like that, but it just seems that our life is good and that at some point we’re going to have to deal with SOME sort of major trial. When will it be…what will it be…I suppose faith is all we can harbor so that we are prepared whenever and whatever it is.

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