This is Hilary on steroids

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Went to the doctor yesterday (basically need to be on my bed to PAY to see a doctor — I see plenty of them for “free” at work). She put me on some albeuterol and steroids. I did the WHOLE NIGHT without a coughing fit. Let’s have high fives all around, feeling MUCH better — and my lungs don’t burn every time I cough now. Wooo-hooo…
On a brighter note, I do believe I have the hardest job (I, here, am referring to the job that I receive no monetary compensation for) in the world. Drew’s been doing it for a bit and I’m pretty sure he’s ready to hand-in his resignation. Lucky for him.
I’m on steroids.

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    Amen to that…definitely the hardest job in the world. Joel is trying, but he’s not quite up to my standards and I’m sure he’d LOVE to resign. Ha.

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