What I Like About Me

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Ok, so my friend Sophia did a blog challenge to write what we like about ourselves. This is not even something I normally think about (kind of like writing a blog about quantum physics). But, I’ll think real hard, and maybe come-up with a few things.
I like how organized I am (most of the time). I am glad that I’ve finally learned that if everything is in its place it’s a huge timesaver, and that cleanliness may well be next to godliness.
I like how I scrapbook. ‘Nuf said. Ok, well I also love how my kids love the albums — that’s nice too.
I really try and be a good friend, I may not be, but I try.
I think I’m a good nurse. I feel I really take my patient’s needs into consideration and I also feel I am a HECK of a lot of fun to work with. Also, I think my humor helps my patients carry through such an awful time.
I try to be excruciatingly honest in my dealings with others (if not always with myself). I hope people know that I will be true to my word. Period.
Ok, that’s all the time I have to think about myself. Now, I’m going to go through the kids books and see if there’s any trashed enough to toss. Good times peeps, good times…

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H.H...Hello... is this thing on? Am I in here?
So much for me being a good mom


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    Whew! I jusy wanted to let you know that I caught up on all your blogs. I think you are the most consistant blogger ever!! I just am not the most consistent commentor! :-) I think you could also add a lot more to your “what I like about myself” list – you’re being too humble!

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    Hilary, you crack me up! I had to read your last few entries to Doug, chuckling along the way because I love your honestly and candor! You’re the best! I bet you really are a great nurse and that you are a hoot to work with! Now, I have to move on to the bean soup. You really picked the beans out?! Doug and you! I’d have tossed it in the pressure cooker for an hour and ordered pizza while we waited! You are a good woman! The soup sounds delish, btw! Love these entries! Keep smiling!


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