My thoughts for the day

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Some thoughts:
A) Ham and mozzerella roll-ups with orange sauce, Desperation Dinners page 256 — you NEED to make them… if you don’t have the cookbook, post with your email address and I’ll send it. Kids love ‘em… and although it sounds kinda gross– you couldn’t be more wrong.
B) I am still doing well with the resolutions. Walked with my friend Jamie today, and that is a lot more fun than walking alone. I have decided to add pilates at night, just 10-15 minutes 4 or so, times a week. I am hoping that’ll help with flexibility and do something for this two-birthed-child abdomen. :)
C) I am loving the salads. I think the main thing is to look for bagged salad on sale, and then add some protein. I like that pre-grilled chicken, or shrimp or salami, or cheese. I’m totally into it and not starving all day.
D) I can take my pants off without unzipping.
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