Sick Days

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Drew is home sick today. Which, is fine… he’s sick. But WHY is it that I get so bitter about it? I want to be angry about life the whole day. And these are my hypotheses:
A) I am a creature of routine, I like to have my computer to be mine at certain times. I am used to having the house to myself. Drew isn’t a fan of staying on the bed when he’s sick. He’s more of a couch napper. Obviously, a problem.
B) I don’t get sick days. Ever. Even when i call in sick to work I end-up having the kids more than I would have if I had gone to work.
Ok… so B probably sums it up. Today I am going to gather my Christlike courage and get on with my life. Drew deserves a sick day. He should enjoy it. And my goal today is to make sure he does. :)

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    Oh girl I am the same way. When he’s home I want him to help with the kids but instead I’m supposed to keep them away from him. I sure don’t get that luxury when I’m sick. I just want to say BUCK UP! How saint like of you to try to make life lovely for him.

  2. says

    Sick DH’s do mess up the routine! They don’t mean to but they do!!

    It’s very nice of you to try to make it good for him. He should expect to return the favor soon.

    P.S. we have two computers now because we just couldn’t share anymore and keep our marriage happy.

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