What I would want…

I think that the most christlike behavior is to realize that you are supposed to do what YOU would want done to you — not what you’re getting, or what you’d like to give.
For instance, Drew’s in his room, resting because he’s sick. For me, when I’m sick, the kids are all over me, there’s no resting and it’s pure misery. I have to remember that if I had my CHOICE I would obviously pick to have some peace so I can get better. Giving what I would WANT, not what I get…
I know that Drew doesn’t want another mother. I know that I don’t want another mother… but it’s hard for me not to mother everyone around me. I am SO non-procrastinating, organizational it’s hard sometimes for Drew and I to mesh. However, it’s good to have a reality check and realize that not everything needs to be done instantly.

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    Except sometimes what you would want in a situation isn’t what another would want. (Although I agree that any sick person does NOT want kids climbing on them). When I’m sick I like to be left alone, so I tend to leave Joel totally alone when he’s sick…but what he really WANTS is to be totally babied and coddled. So I have to learn to do that. Oh…and he coddles me when I’m sick and I HATE it. But he’s learning. :)