40 things that are more important than HOF

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Having some HOF issues (if you don’t know what it is — it’s a scrapbooking thing). Feeling nervous, I did my entry with the feeling that I wanted to win and WOULD win — reminding myself that i am NOT going to win is painful. So, today in chruch I just thought about HOW many other blessings I have and how many other things are WAY more important than this contest! In, no particular order.
1. Drew
2. Conner
3. Spencer
4. My mom
5. My Dad
6. My whole freakin’ extended family.
7. The gospel
8. Friends
9. Church callings
10. My heath
11. The health of my family.
12. Music
13. Trying to get playing the flute more
14. My job
15. Drew’s job
16. Cleaning my house
17. Working in the yard
18. Scrapbooking for fun.
19. My scrapbooking crop that is this friday night at 7 :)
20. Date nights
21. Emergency preparedness
22. Food storage
23. Making food for my family
24. Making everyone I know feel like my friend
25. Organizing my scrap stuff.
26. Watching the season finale of Project runway
27. Watching everything I have on DVR.
28. Teaching Spencer his body parts
29. Teaching Spencer his letters
30. Teaching Spencer important songs
31. Reading with Spencer
32. Reading with Conner
33. Taking naps
34. Helping out in Conner’s class
35. Reading my scriptures
36. Planning FHE’s
37. Eating salads for lunch
38. Going on walks
39. Did I already say naps?
40. Pretty much everything I can think of.

So, this week, when the calls are made, and I’m not amogst them, I hopefully can come back to this list. Plus, I’m going to UT in less than 2 weeks, it’s nice to have something to focus on.

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  1. says

    It’s just a little scrapbooking contest…
    I’m getting an ultrasound on the 17th…I figure that will keep my mind off. :)

  2. says

    You really do a great job at making others feel that you are truly their friend. I’m crying real tears as I’m reading this. Maybe because I know how hard you work every single day at helping everyone and appreciating everything in your life. Maybe because I know how hard you want to be awarded in the HOF and how much you deserve to. I know it sounds cheesey, but you really are a winner in my book, and to so many others.

  3. says

    I think you are so awesome to make a list like this. There are so many great things in life to be thankful for and this helped me remember it too. But I would love for you to win HOF on top of everything!!! Fingers crossed for you!!!

  4. says

    p.s. How long are you going to be in Utah? I’m going there April 3-11 and if you’re still there it would be fun to meet in real life.

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