An accounting of my Lifestyle Change

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No, I am not gay. :)
My life style change (for the newer blog readers) involves eating salads for lunch, and 30 minutes of physical activity, every day but Sundays (and often on Wednesdays — although I try and do some pilates before work).
I have lost one inch gals. People SAY that I am looking skinnier… but I think they’re just trying to get on my good side. I measured today. And while I think I have lost more than that in total (because I Didn’t measure at the beginning of Jan when I started — just at the beginning of Feb. when I was into it a month). However, I feel skinner, and my belt is 2 notches in from where it was.
I also feel SO much better when I am doing my changes. I was sick for a week, and we did a week in Disneyland and I can tell when I’m eating my full amounts of veggies I am a MUCH happier woman.
So, those are my thoughts. Anyone else have a workout/eating testimony for me?

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    After I had Chloe I went of sugar…not just blatant sugar, but anything that listed a form of sugar in the ingredients (yes, I was seeing Dr. Remington…it was his yeast control diet)…I have never felt better, and I dropped weight like crazy…but I just haven’t had the impetus to do it again. Sigh.

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    I’m so proud of you!! Good job!

    I meant to tell you that you totally inspired me… I’ve been eating a salad for lunch every too and I love it!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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    Well I can testify I’ve really been off the wagon this week and I feel like Crap. But I regathered my strength and joined the Gym on Friday. So it’s back to pushing the treadmill.

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