Book Review: Rachel and Leah (the Women of Genesis) by Orson Scott Card

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I think I read the first in this series (Rebecca) a few years ago. It takes place in biblical times, and just delves into the lives of women during that time. It is obviously fictional, but based on real characters from the bible.
This is the story of Rachel and Leah. Jacob comes and wants to mary Rachel and is placed into for 7 years to “earn” her. I’m sure many of you already know the story.
I really enjoy how he goes into their lives at the time. The whole handmaiden/servant type deal. I enjoy hearing what women of different ages did during that time. For instance, it seems like when women were married, most jobs outside of the home were totally stopped.
Anyway, good read. Just thought I’d put-out what I’m reading, in case anyone’s interested. I’ve gotten some good ideas off of other friends blogs.

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    Good job on the layouts! You rock!! Interesting book. Now that is love – waiting 7 years and then he had to marry her sister or something like that right? She didn’t have a very nice DAD! I guess all Dads want to put their future son in laws through the ringer before they let them marry their daughter.

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