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Today I had my “yearly” check-up. Of course, my good friend Cindy was going to watch Spencer for me and I had that all lined-up, and true to Erickson boy genes, he was sick this AM — meaning HE got to come WITH me to the big appointment. He was screaming when they took my pressure — making it 143/93. Thanks so much.
AND… drumroll please… I’ve lost ONE FREAKING POUND since last year! Dang it. Now, I’m fairly sure that I gained a bit o’ weight over Christmas so I’m sure I’ve lost more than that since I started my little regime. Still…. depressing.
So, I went in the room, they re-took my pressure and it was 123/63. I have, what we might term labile pressure. I am easy sent into a stress-case. And no, that isn’t a shock for any of us here.
Got all my female parts checked out, and my doctor said I had a nicely hung uterus, especially after having 2 babies. I’d like to thank my High School physiology teacher for introducing me to the world of Kaegels at such a young age. Thank you.
Spencer, the entire time was a tad nervous she’d take her white gloves to him, but he managed to console himself with some Pirates of the Carribean fruit snacks.
And thus… another year without anyone probing me…

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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