For the Love of Filthy Lucre

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Drew and I have been reading the Book of Mormon together. We just started Jacob. He talks about how you should only desire for enough money for your needs and then it is time to share with the poor. I, of course, wonder exactly what a NEED is. We don’t have a ton of money for “wants” around here — but we did just get back from Disneyland.
I saw a study on the Today show a few weeks ago that said after you hit a certain amount (I think it was 50k) per year (gross income) that you’re happiness dosn’t increase with your money. Obivously, it makes sense. IF you’re truly worried about NEEDS (and in this case, Disneyland is not one of them), it’s hard to be happy. But, once the NEEDS are under control happiness comes from family, friends, etc. Just another reminder of what’s truly important, and me working every minute of my life, just ain’t one of those “things”.

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    I totally agree! Now if we could just get to that $50K mark and have all our needs met. I would really like to be able to do some of the fun things without going into debt. For example, flying home for the fam. reunion! Good luck to you and please wish us the same!

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