That’s RIGHT ladies and gentlemen… I won.
WHAT did I win, you might ask… was it hall of fame (HOF — it’s a scrapbook contest, in case you couldn’t decifer that from my endless prattle about it — and that’s the last time it will be mentioned)… NO… it wasn’t.
It was the Huhtala Baby pool!!!! I was the BIG winner, with 35 points, trouncing on my friend Robin’s 32 points!
30 bucks to the restaurant of my choice. Seriously, I’m amazing, I guessed the EXACT date, the weight to 7 ounces, and the exact heigh. And her labor length to less than an hours difference.
So, i’ll have to admit, there’s been a bit of sadness around my house. It’s hard to try hard for something and get nada out of it — but when I got her email it all clicked. There is one thing that i do very well, and that’s deliver babies. I know about risks, I know about moms, I know about babies and i know about “baby exit areas”. Just made me feel happy to know I’m a winner at something.
Thanks Ed and Amy!!!

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    You know, that’s kind of cool. Because that is something you are great at (and you are a great scrapbooker too…).

    I won a free carpet cleaning today. I was pretty happy.

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