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It’s so funny, today I have just experience to stories of customer service at both ends of the spectrum.
First, the good side: My mom introduced me to a contact lens cleaner called “Clear Care” — we found it at Costco, but now we can’t find it anywhere (Utah OR CA). So, I emailed, they said that they were switching their plant over or something and they were transitioning but expected stores to have a full stock by the beginning of April, but that they’d send me some. Today — like just 2 days later, DHL knocks on my door (no, they didn’t deliver Lisa Bearnson to me… but that would’ve been nice) and there’s 2 starter packs of the Clear Care. I was just so impressed. Plus, their product is great. I feel like I have brand-new contacts every day. You all should try it.
Then… the “not-so-good” side: We switched our cellular service over to Sprint about a month ago. It’s nice, beause my mom and I are on the same plan, so we can talk forever without paying a penny (nice, when Spencer wants to say “hi” on the phone for 5 minutes). Anyway, I was supposed to get my first month’s service for free. I get my bill — it’s 158 bucks (Because they ALSO added activation — which we were also supposed to get for free). So, I call them, they tell me to come in, I say “are you serious?”, and then they take down my account info for a manager to look at. Today, I call back, no one has a clue about my problem. And again, they take down my info.
Now, I think there’s a good chance that I have the WORST possible luck with cellular customer service, but I wish companies would realize the positive-ness of customer service, and how little, actually it takes to make a customer really happy.
On a brighter note, I am SUPER ornry today. No phone calls from anyone in particular and I’m just trying to remember how much BETTER I am…
Edited to say: Beans are not hats (yes, I just said this at the dinner table) AND Sprint credited our bill, better than I had hoped… but it was still slow.

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    So does this clear care stuff work for Gas Permeables? If so, is it also cheaper than the Boston stuff I have to buy that breaks my wallet every time? :)
    Hope you figure out your cell phone. My parents had a provider for a while that the bill was totally wrong every single month and they had to call every time and go through every call and get it changed. Obviously, they finally got fed up and switched.

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    The thing that irritates me about cell phone companies is that they charge us outrageous fees and then pay obnoxious celebrities enormous amounts of money to endorse their products. That really ticks me off. Just give me cheap (but GOOD) service. And so ends my vent about cell phones.

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