Not letting myself die

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I saw this layout on 2P’s this AM. And it kind of represents a lot of what I learned in Mommy Wars. Well, sorta. It’s just that women don’t want to let themselves “die” while they’re giving life to their kids. So, I started thinking (while doing my makeup, because that’s my main time to think)… what do I “do” not to let myself “die”. Here’s some of my thoughts, and I want to hear yours too!
1) Work. So, I’m not truly a SAHM. I work 8 hours a week as a labor and delivery nurse. I love to chat with my friends, help younger nurses, learn from older ones. Sometimes I even have to take classes with tests and although it’s often more brain power than I can muster… it kind of makes me happy knowing I KNOW something, and they even give me a little card to prove it.
2) Photography. Part of the “mommy me” wants to die every day as I see their little faces and attitudes grow-up. I’d like to capture every moment and savor it. I think Photography at least lest me capture a couple of the moments… a couple of the faces….
3) Scrapbooking. Although this one also goes along with photography I also like the creative side of scrapbooking. Colors that go together to enhance the photo — stuff like that. I don’t believe I’ll dwell on this one, although we all know I could. :)
4) Cooking. Putting a nice meal in front of the fam gives me a little boost, and I like to think that my kids eat better than your average children. They might not always like it… but it’s what’s available.
5) Reading. I love being taken to another time, place, new people — even if it’s just for 1/2 an hour. I also think that reading as an extra curricular activity is a great example for my kids.
So anyway, I can’t think of much more but I wondered if anyone else had anything that helps them stay alive. It’s a scary world out here mommies… let’s not lose anyone. :)

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  1. says

    Love that: I would die for my kids, I just don’t want to die because of them…

    Mine? Scrapbooking, photography, teaching voice lessons (even though i quit for now), hanging out with other moms…

    But cooking is one of those things that puts me over the edge and I might die if I have to do it too much. :)

  2. says

    Lately I don’t feel like I do anything…and I can almost feel myself slipping away. HOwever, there are things I would like to be doing, if I just had some motivation.

    1. scrapbooking, photography
    2. teach trumpet and piano lessons (I am setting up one right now)
    3. making baby hand casts as keepsakes (working on this too)
    4. walking or biking
    5. cooking better meals
    6. having good friends to hang out with.

  3. says

    I was just thinking tonight about what I consider “fun” anymore and I think that also serves as what keeps me “alive”. Here are the few that came to mind for me:

    1. Totally at the top of my list, a good conversation with a girlfriend… during playgroup or at girl’s night out, which we do a lot here! Girlfriends KNOW what you’re going through and always know just the right thing to say, even if it’s saying nothing…

    2. Scrapbooking…even as little as I can manage these days, it makes me feel so accomplished!

    3. Oddly enough a hearty giggle with one or all of the kids makes me feel alive and makes me feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do. Tickle-time is therapeutic!

    4. Walking or other exercise…can’t wait to get back into this. Whoever said that exercise releases those “feel-good” hormones really knew what they were talking about!


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