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A) Love Reese Witherspoon, couldn’t be happier for her. I know it’s a couple of days after, but whenever I see her on TV I just beam inside. I think she’s fantastic.
B) I am better than any silly little contest (right Shannon)
C) Cindy, you need to stay off the computer late at night. You rock, but go to bed.
D) Took Spencer to the pediatrician today (2 year check-up… can you BELIEVE he is TWO?). It was a new pediatrician, and HELLO… I LOVED her. I always thought my last pediatrician seemed a tad anxious about life when i went in and this woman (I think she’s just a tad older than I am) just seemed so sure of herself and totally supported my whole, “eat it if you’re, hungry — if not, go play” philosophy — even though Spencer is in the 25th weight wise — and that was with his coat, shoes and diaper on.
E) (and this one is REALLY depressing) Spencer wouldn’t get NEAR the scale so I had to hold him and then minus my weight from his. Ladies, I think I may have GAINED weight in this whole little quest. Now, there is a chance that the diaper bag was on me, as well as Spencer (I am obviously minusing Spencers weight from me) along with my coat and shoes… anyway. HARUMPH. I do have my fabulous yearly exam in a couple weeks and if I’m the same weight then…… {grrrrr}…..

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    I rarely weigh myself because it’s just a number that frustrates one. I mean it’s muscle replacing the fat so who cares what the scale says it’s what the belt says. And…I’m sure the scale must have been off right?

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