Sunday is a Special Day

So, Conner got an invitiation to a birthday party for this Sunday. It’s for one of his best friends at school. It’s a batman invitation and he was REALLY excited to open it. Sadly, it’s for Sunday at 3 and when I told Conner when it was (being fully prepared with a whole little speech about how Sundays are for family and church) he said, “we can’t go, we have to go to church.” I was just so impressed by my little guy. So often you think that NOTHING is getting through that extra-strength cranium of theirs. But, obviously something is…
My guy Conner, he’s a super-hero!

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    Isn’t it great…Bria was telling me about some playground drama last week and how she told the girl, “I’m trying to obey God, so I’m not going to do that”…made me feel very happy.
    Smart Conner…glad he understands already how important church and Sabbath are.

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