Saturday, April 29, 2006

Field Trips

On Tuesday I went to Prusch farm with Spencer and our ward family. Conner loved the animals (but didn't want to love them too closely) Here he is with his best buddy Trevor. And to the right are me and some of my "moms group" friends. they are my good buddies.
I went with Conner's class to Cold Stone on Thursday. It was a LONG walk, but we were rewarded with the chance to see how they make ice cream, and then make our very own concotions at the counter. Big fun.
And, finally, my mom's been on a field trip visiting us. It's been really fun! This is she and Spencer checkin' out an ant.
Oh yeah, and today was the primary talent show. Conner recited "Longmobile" by Shel Silverstein. He did an AWESOME job, very proud of my little guy. He got up and did it all by himself (WITH ACTIONS PEOPLE). He's still available for performances if you pay in jelly beans. Good week for sure!

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  1. Ok I think you are having TOO much fun this week!! You should do a week of fun layout!


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