Ladies Night at the Ericksons

From the age of 9 when my father and brother went off to priesthood session (it’s a Mormon thing) my mom and I would have “girls night” at home. And while I had the unfortunate opportunity to be my mom’s guinea pig of sharing “girl stuff” with (and I’m talking about stuff that involves maxi pads) I made it through and I really enjoyed our nights up until I moved.
Of course, once here I still had my SIL, so we’d hang out with our 2 kiddos. And then SHE moved.
So, the last few conferences I’ve been hangin’ at home feelin’ sorry for myself. And frankly, I’m not much of a party thrower but I decided it was time to be DONE with the sorry-ness and start-up with the feelin’ the joy! So, I invited some friends over. Most have littles or are pregnant. It was just so fun to sit around with the crowd. I don’t know if I truly appreciated my women friends until I had kids of my own. Women to ask questions of, women to share annoyances of and women to laugh with. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had rockin’ great friends in college… just seems like I’ve jumped to a new plane.
BTW, we did appetizers or desserts are our pot-luck theme. Seriously, I want to do it every month from now on. Yummiola!

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    Once again thanks for the fun party, I’m glad you thought to round up the crowd. I thought you’d like that pic of Ethan. He was chillin’ in Syd’s exersaucer at Janelle’s house. Her’s was fun, but I think he’s partial to his own. Hopefully it will quit raining this week so we can go walking!

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    Seriously, what a great idea! Since I have girls, I’ve just strted the tradition early. My mom and I always went shopping, so I take them. Although, I didn’t go Saturday…but Joel didn’t go to Priesthood either. (Bad boy…he had to conduct a concert at school.)

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    Brandon’s side of the fam does this religiously at the Deseret Book ladies night. I can’t get that down here but maybe I will be motivated to do it next conference. I fear gatherings in my living space. But, If you can do it in your little cottage so can I.

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