Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My friends and kids rock

Ok, just some shout outs for people I love.
My friend Shannon has a new photography site. She took my FABULOUS avatar photo and she's taken a lot of great pictures of Spencer. She's also going to do a p0t0sh00t (thanks you filter) soon with me and my two boys. Just wanting to treasure this time. Anyway, her site's and she rocks if anyone's looking for baby photos, family photos, kid photos. Frankly, I think she rocks the older kid/family arena... it's so hard to get a photographer to be willing to work with that age group and all the personalities a family affords.
Conner is a freaking ARTIST. Mrs. Ross submitted something he'd drawn (I guess it's a portrait of George Washington -- a HISTORICAL artist nevertheless) and it's going to be in the Triton Museum of Art this weekend, and I guess through the 16th (I'm hoping it's longer so that Grandma can come see it when she comes). I'm so proud of him. Last year his preschool teahers thought he was so great... except for his cutting/writing skills and now Mrs. Ross says he has amazing fine motor skills for a July 5 year old birthday.
Ok, I think that's all I can type. I sliced my finger on a carton of yogur yesterday and have a GIANT bandaid on my finger now... it's causing a few errors and a lot of back-spacing... {sigh}


  1. Go Conner....already in a museum at only 5 years old. Woo hoo.

  2. awww...thanks!
    And WTG Conner!!


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