Thursday, April 13, 2006


This is probably surprising to a few of you, but I am so against confrontation. When my teachers used to get mad at me I almost always cried. I don't take criticism well and it's something I am working on. I am fine to yell at other people, but I fear what they're going to do to me.
So, last night a NICU nurse was treating me like her slave, and I just wasn't up for it. I called the charge nurse, and I didn't feel right about not talking to her as well. I did pull her aside, and I thanked her for her help and the things she did, but I also tried to make my point in that the things she was saying, and the way she was treating me were inappropriate.
In the end, I did say I was sorry for some of the mistakes that I had made, she didn't -- but I did feel a bit of resolution and I was proud of myself for going to her and handling the situation.
Is anyone that reads my blog good at that sort of thing?
Last night I rehashed it for a while before going to bed. I have a hard time letting it go...
It's just something I want to improve on, and working on a unit full of women, I think it's something we could all improve on.


  1. I think once you get used to sticking up for yourself it gets easier. I think too often we left things slide and then our bitterness builds and builds until we snap. Sometimes people just need to be put in their place. It's good for them! I would think with your sarcastic humor you would be good at that - I tend to think I am! :-)

  2. I am SO good at confrontation. Okay- NOT! I couldn't even tell a lame taxi driver that I wasn't going to pay the extra dollar he charged for going around the block back to the starting point before getting us on our way.

    Anyway, I think you handled it well and didn't let youself continue getting walked all over.

  3. It depends on who the confrontation is with. Jody: I'm pretty good at standing up for myself, others: not so good. I guess I figure that my relationship with him is more important to keep together than any others. Most of the time I just let others do what they want and try to distance myself from the situation. Probably not the best solution.

    I'm proud of you for being so "put together" about it all.

  4. Yep tuff stuff. I too used to get emotionally tied up in that stuff. I seem to be getting tuffer skin. I hope it keeps developing. Good for you.

  5. I STINK at it. I am too nice. I play dumb half the time to avoid confrontation.

    I do practice a lot with Joel...but apparently I still can't take it any further! :)


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