Monday, April 03, 2006


I won a RAK from my friend Mary Ruth a couple weeks ago and today I get THIS in the mail (I am really hoping I get this picture to post -- if not, picutre "The Big Picture" by Stacy Julian). I mean, seriously... on a day when I can HARDLY get out of BED... and I get that.
Mary Ruth, you rock the planet, thanks so much!
PS... this almost makes-up for you getting to go to CKU-A... we can be friends now. :)


  1. That MaryRuth chick sure rocks! Wish I knew somebody as cool as her ;)

    Glad you like it and glad that it brightened your day!!

    Have fun reading, hope you enjoy it! Many many hours of my precious sleep was poured into the making of that cool book!!

  2. P.S. it's kind of trippy to see my handwriting on a note on somebody elses blog. Does that sound weird? I looked at the note on the book and thought the handwriting looked familiar and it took me a minute to process that it was my handwriting. I'm random, I know.

  3. Okay - that is one of the COOLEST books I've ever read! Completely inspired me to rethink my whole "big picture" of scrapbooking and I loved it!

  4. OK, I know I'm not in the whole scrapbooking loop, but what is RAK? Whatever it is, congrats!


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