I am a bit of a Supernanny addict. I really like it when Drew watches it with me. I have friends that feel sorry for the families on there. While I don’t think that our family is NEAR as bad as these families are portrayed, I bet if you caught me on the right day, and edited it right, I’m sure I’d look exactly like these women.
I enjoy someone telling us how to dicipline, and I really think there should more of these kinds of shows on (I’ve seen that a few of the Discovery Networks are putting shows like this on). There are so many times when you just think “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT THIS!” and because you’re so close to the situation you’re just lost. But, while watching superanny I’ve gotten some great ideas.
Anyway, my twocents on the nanny herself.

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    Jake things the kids on Supernanny are hilarious :p (I use them as an example, lol, “wow, that little boy isn’t acting very well is he?”)