The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

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I saw that this book was on the Amazon bestseller list, and put it on my “hold” at the library. I am really glad that I did.
This book is moderately reminicent of those movies with Bruce Willis (blanking on movie names) where there’s twist and turns and you realize stuff… moderately sci-fi but I mostly sci-fi and I loved this.
Anyway, the premise is that her husband is a time traveler, and she meets him when she’s 6 years old (he is time traveling from when they are married — so he is like 40 and she is 6) which, while I am typing it — doesn’t sound that great.
But, anyway — it was a great read. Really reminds you that all you have in life are the relationships. Good read, reserve it at your library — but it’s almost 600 pages — I haven’t read a book that long since Harry P.

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    Hey – thanks for the book review. I am going to request it at the library. I think Shannon read this too because it sounds familiar.

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