Why oh WHY did I get-up today

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When my alarm went off today at 6:30 it was a painful moment. I daylight savings. I remember the spring one used to be nice because for a few days my kids would sleep in. But, school has changed all that. So, anyway — I myself out of bed and headed to sweep and mop the kitchen.
Got showered, lunches made, breakfast in me and COnner… and then it was off to get Spencer. As soon as I opened th door I could smell puke. Thankfully, Spencer had covered all of the puke with his blanket. No fever, no unahppiness. So I throw him in the tub and give him a quick scrub and then threw him in clothes and off we were going. Then, he puked again in the car. On a brighter note this is my first time with dealing with puking in the car. Thankfully, he had his rain coat on — so it just slid off him and onto his seat.
Thank you inventor of febreeze, you are a genious.
Can I just pull the covers back over my head and pretend like the day never even started?

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  1. says

    Go back to bed.
    And yes, Febreze is wonderful. Except, I think it stinks right now, and the smell of Febreze is almost worse than whatever was there to begin with.

  2. says

    Geez louise I hate the pukes. Oh the memories of our first puke which was also the firs puke in the car. Purple grape juice launched out of nowhere. Thank heavens for oxy clean!

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