Thursday, May 25, 2006


We have dental insurance, and we've never had a problem prior to this. But we just decided to switch dentists over spring break to try something new. OMG, this guy is billing like CRAZY!!! We had to come twice, once for X-rays and the dentist to see us, and then another visit for a cleaning and peridontal check-up. HOWEVER, the insurance only pays for 2 visits in 12 months. I'm just SO BUGGED. I hate it when I feel like people who I am doing transactions with are being dishonest. We have one of the largest dental insurance companies around here, and I know they must deal with them all the time and what they do, and do not pay for, yet they seem to act like everyone's just fine paying out of pocket for things that, if done appropriately, the insurance would pay for.
Maybe I'm just skeptical, but I hate being cheated, or even the air of cheating...
Ok, jumping off my soapbox to put Spencer down for a nap.


  1. Well, now you know, so next time INSIST that all be done in one visit. If they won't do it, don't go back. That pretty much stinks.

  2. It took 3 tries for me to find a dentist I liked. I love my dentist and they really understand my insurance better than I do really. Hugs and kisses to my rockin' dentist.


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