Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dick and Jane

Have you guys seen that movie? Something about Dick and Jane, it has Jim Carey and Tea something (not a clue how to spell her name). Anyway, we got it on Monday night to unwind after our big trip. It's about how he works for a company that's similar to Enron and loses his job, along with like 90% of the community and how hard it is.
I was SUCH a stress case for the beginning of the movie. Him losing his job, and possibly his house, and everything they own....I was just freaking out! It's like my worst nightmare.
Anyway, the movie was funny, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're prone to financial panic attacks.


  1. Hilary, the original Dick and Jane had Jane Fonda in it. This was a fun movie and boy, did my hubby relate to Jim Carrey! He laughed so hard, especially at that little old car!


  2. We saw that movie on our anniversary - sweet huh?! Yeah it is funny but too real at the same time. We thought the immigrants parts were so funny and not very PC but they were sad at the same time because that it not so far fetched.


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