Does anyone remember cute Baby Spencer?

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Well, WHERE has that cute baby gone to? His new thing (and he usually pulls it out to use while we’re getting out the door to take Conner to school) is to look at me and say no, and then run the other direction. I mean, seriously… who thinks that game is fun? So, I’ve just made it clear that if I have to come get him, it will NOT be a fun experience.
I know it’s a part of being 2, but WHY oh WHY IS IT?

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    People like to tell me that the stronger the attitute the more likely they are to be a stripling warrior when they grow up. I’ll let you know if I find it to be true in a few years.

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    K does the exact same thing!! Usually when I am running late anyway! Or, he takes his jacket off that I have just put on him and starts going down the stairs to play. He is such a cute, loveable boy. However, every day he seems to pick up a little something more that shadows out his cuteness and brings out the “terrible two”ness at little bit more. Why can’t they just stay cute and loveable? How do people get those kids that just contentedly sit on their laps or quietly play with something small rather than running around, jumping off everything, etc. When do I get one of those?

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