Don’t Forget to Remember

My title is the theme to either my prom or my graduation, I am leaning towards graduation… but I could most definately be wrong.
I remember how DUMB we thought this was in high school (and I sitll think it’s mildly dumb — we’d always go “I forgot to remember”…. anyway, we were in HS). As I sit here on Memorial Day I realize it is important not to forget to remember. A lot of great people did great things so that we could be here, in our posh AC’d lives. It’s important for us to remember to do things right as well, so that our kids can have their posh own lives.
I scrapbook, so I won’t forget to remember. There are so many things about my kids lives that I don’t want to forget. I’m already forgetting Spencer’s “baby-hood” and let’s not even talk about what I remember about Conner’s. I am grateful for this hobby.
On a sidenote, we’re back from Sacramento with one of Drew’s bands (he’s not actually the leader of this one — a long story) they were great as always, and as always, it’s nice to be home.

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    I agree! WE’ve been here in IL for seven months and I haven’t even worked on any of the genealogy that I was hoping to while we were here where they all were. It gets hard when you have to figure out what to do with the kids all the time.

    I love looking at your scrapbook pages! I want to be like you when I grow up!

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