Erickson Family FHE 5/15

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I have thought maybe some of my friends would like some of my FHE ideas. I use the last General Conference to base my FHE lessons off of.
Tonight’s was based off of Henry B Eyring’s Talk “As a Child” I took my usual tangent to apply it to a 2 and 5 year old’s lives and we talkeda bout the differences between childlike and childish.
We quoted the scripture that we are to become like a child in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. I tried to make it clear that there are many childLIKE attributes that are very important for all people to posses (being loving, submissive, humble and patient). I had the definitions of childish and childlike up on a flannel board and then we took turns pulling-out different things, to which we categorized them as childish or childlike (aka, yelling and screaming through our house, or being willing to take criticism).
I think that Conner felt proud that he had many of the characteristics that God wants us to have. Anyway, maybe that’ll help someone!

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    I’m with Kent! You’re making me feel horrible about my mothering skills! Why don’t you just make a list of all your great ideas and send them my way! We tend to just read a story from the Friend and try to have some sort of discussion about it. Not very good most of the time! Oh well, at least I’m trying.

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