Thursday, May 11, 2006

A little photo session

Did I mention I can't say photo sho0t without my filter freaking out?
Anyway, I did a little session for some good friends tonight. Their little guy is SO cute, I can't get enough of these BABIES (so easy to shoot, not to take care of).
I ended-up taking 300 shots. I have no idea what's average for a 1 hour shoot, but I feel like maybe that's a lot? I do take quite a few of each "pose" (although i'm not much of a poser).
Anyway, it was a great time -- Thanks Ana and Zach for letting me part of your evening!


  1. That would defintely be a lot for me...of course that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 rolls of it would also be quite expensive. :)

  2. Is it some rule for you that your friends have to have cute kids. I mean I know I do!

  3. Love those little feet!!


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