A little visit to the scrapbook store

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Got a few things today at the scrapbook store. One nice thing about having a birthday today is I could use my Mother’s Day gift card AND get my birthday discount at scrapbook dreams.
Oh, and on a sidenote HELLO EK Success coming out all cute. I really like a lot of their stuff… do you guy ssee the arrows and the stickers on the right with the & and ?. Anyway, really cute!

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Being 30 makes you look pregnant and have quadruple chins
Just seeing how many posts I can do to call attention to the fact that it's my birthday!


  1. says

    I picked up some of the new EK Success stuff yesterday. LOVE it too!

    Looks like you had a nice trip to the LSS!

  2. Carly Farnsworth says

    Hilary you have to send me to your favorite local stores. I want to start a pregnancy scrapbook and need quite a few more supplies than I already have. I have only been to one store here and that was in Pleasanton. Would like one a little closer if you know what I mean!

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