The Miracle of the Snake and the Pipe

So, kind of out of nowhere our shower stopped draining. I tried boiling water, and vinegar and baking soda… no avail. Still not draining, so I go to Home Depot tonight (Drew had a concert tonight, of course) and I get myself a drain snake. I come home, I snake for like 1.5 hours. I am ENTIRELY frustrated, and I am actually thinking it is draining WORSE than when I started. I called my friend’s, Cindy, husband (Dave) who is a general contractor, and we figure it is just a clog under the shower, not having anything to do with bigger pipes because all of the other pipes are running OK.
Finally, feeling a little like my world is crumbling (did I mention I love, LOVE, LOVE to shower in my own bathroom, regardless of how small it is) around me, I say a prayer. I tell Heavenly Father how frustrated I am how it’s not working and how we are paying our tithing and we want to buy a minivan and not go into debt and I REALLY don’t want to pay a plumber. I did feel better, just venting my feelings to a loving father, and felt that perhaps our lot in life was to pay a plumber, but I thought I’d give it a few more tries.
I go in (mind you, this is on hour like 2) and I keep going back and forth, back and forth and then all of the suddent the snake is stuck. I can’t pull it out and I’m thinking (oh great, a BIGGER bill to get the snake as WELL as the clog out of my pipe) and then it pops and the water drains. Seriously, less than 5 minutes from my prayer. The drain is draining better, not great — but I am seeing improvement.
(**Note: this is where the miracle part kinda ends and the gross part starts, FYI) About 20 minutes later I pull the NASTIEST hairball ever out of the drain. SEriously, initially I thought it was a rat… but sadly, it’s probably 80% my own hair coming out. And now, shockingly, the pipe runs like a dream. I think I may be off to home depot again tomorrow to find a better cover for our drain (so as not to let small animals down it).
**back to miracle… I truly don’t believe in coincidences like this. I believe a loving Heavenly Father saw how frustrated I was and my sincere desires and somehow made the snake word that time. I am grateful for the little ways he shows me he loves me. I have a testimony that often, it is just our job to ask, and show faith, and Heavenly Father will do the rest.
And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some NASTINESS to clean-out of my shower.
And, did I mention Drew’s STILL at the concert….

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    Sounds YUMMY! Don’t you love how things like that always happen when the men folk are gone! Well done girl!