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I think, like most girls, me and my mom have gone through phases. We were gal pals when I was little, didn’t want a THING to do with her as I hit Jr. High and High School, called her, maybe, once a week while I was in college and then I got married. I think the phone calls slowly increased and then… I had a baby.
Having a baby changes every facet of your life — not the least of those, being your relationship with your mother. All of the sudden you realize she didn’t mean to make mistakes with your life, and that her intentions were always good, regardless of your required outcome.
Once, I would’ve DIED to be living in my own place and have my mom come to visit for almost 2 weeks, and now I lay at night dreaming about it.
My children adore her.
My husband does more than tolerates her.
and I call her every day now (pretty much).
So, this is a salute to my mom. I know that she has pretty-much stayed the same person and it just took me a while to come back around. I love you mom, and check me out — you did alright. :)

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    I never thought that I would love living so close to my mom like we did in Idaho…only 5 minutes away. Now I ache to have her and my dad that close again. I loved it for me, but more than that, I loved the good thing it was for my kids. Hopefully someday we will get to be closer again. If not in MC, at least closer!

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