My Good Friend Cindy

This is my good friend Cindy. She just moved, and I feel very sad that she’s not just down the street anymore (and let’s not EVEN mention she’s not available for trading babysitting with anymore). However, my friend Ginger and I are having a “Bon Voyage to San Jose” party for them. They’ve been in our ward (it’s a church group, for those of you less-Mormon-educated) forever (before we moved in) and I think they deserve a proper sending off (even if it’s just 15-20 minutes away).
So, bang the bottle of champagne on their “hull” the Zimbauers are off.
Party’s at Ginger’s at 6 pm this Sunday. Bring a treat if you can. Call me if you need more info, and please pass the word along. We’re not going to announce it in church to avoid hurt feelings, but everyone’s invited.
I miss you Cindy.
P.S. Does anyone think this will re-direct the confusion that we are the same person?

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  1. says

    Where are they going? Does she have contact info? Or give her mine and have her send it. Wish we could be at the party…great people! DId people really confuse the two of you???????