The Objective

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I have always had one big problem with the Mormon church. Most of it stems from the fact that when I was 12 I was learning to do a perfect gift wrap, instead of thinking about what I wanted to do when i grew-up.
Sometimes I think we, as church members, look beyond the purpose of an activity and go INSANE with it. We spend hours planning the activity, we recuit other people to also spend hours on it and then it happens and yes… it’s an activity… but could it have been done with more hours devoted to our family? Would the objective have still have been met with less hours spent?
It’s a big beef I have. Just feeling it a tad more than I usually do. I guess I’m just a simple gal, who doesn’t mind a potluck. Give me bagel bites and my good friends and I’m a happy camper.
PS our ward activity this Saturday is gonna rock, and this particular blog has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. Remember to RSVP friends. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. Sophia C. says

    Read your blog to Doug and his words were “Balance, Balance, Balance, it’s all about Balance.” Amen and boy howdy, Hilary! BTW, I LOVE this new photo of you and your family! LOVE it!! Have a super day!


  2. says

    I know next to nothing about your religion but I’m fairly certain that tendency isn’t limited to it (because I do the same things if I don’t stop myself :p)

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