Ok, so that wasn’t the LAST post…

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I knew I’d come-through with another layout before I’m 30 :) This was one of those, “I have no pictures but i really want to say something” type of moments. And no, the fancy swirls are not my doing, thanks to an early gift card from my friend Shannon I am now the proud owner of my first digital scrapbooking kit by Rhonna Farrer

Also, I just got my BHG Baby book back in the mail. Although the sidebar I wrote doesn’t have my name near it, and most of the words aren’t mine — it’s in there… and I “wrote it” (or, I handed-over many ideas for 50 bucks… more like that). And SPENCER is getting his editorial debut as my child. He was in a VERY tiny picture in MM but now this is the big time 6 big pictures of my little guy.

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