Thursday, May 18, 2006

One final post from a 29 year old

... unless of course I make a page, or find another soapbox to stand on...
but PEOPLE... I'm BEGGING YOU. LOOK AT YOUR DAUGHTERS. Ok, I went to Drew's school today, had to drop something off to him, and I see this girl get out of the car. He black skirt BARELY covering-up her gluteal cheeks and her tank top showing a couple good inches of belly...
Now I know we have freedom of speech and freedom of clothes but what happened to gold old fashioned GOOD TASTE. It's not that hot outside and do we all need to look like sex symbols all of the time?
Anyway, I saw this girl's mother drop her off and I just wanted to run-up and shake her. Anyway, I just think that we need to start realizing the consequences for our actions (and dress).
Ok, off my soapbox... hoping my fragile bones won't break as I jump down.


  1. Skin is in here in Texas. Sydni once asked me why a lady at Walmart was naked.

  2. Amen. It's hard to teach Bria about modesty when we live in AZ. Once, we were at WalMart and we saw a woman in a very skimpy outfit. (emphasis on VERY.) Anyway, Bria yells "SHE"S NOT MODEST!!!!" I explained that that might hurt her feelings if she heard us talking about her like that and maybe her mommy never taught her about modesty. So, Bria whispers in my ear..."Mommy, she's not modest. She matches though." :)


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