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Ok, has anyone see this website?
Click on the “products” and then “swim” — they look really cute.
I emailed them asking how a boutique at my house works… would anyone be interested?
A) I think they’re REALLY cute, but I wonder how they fit a big gal, such as myself)
B) I’m kinda weirded out, what they sell is REALLY close to modbod… and I also think these t-shirt places for Mormons esp. are kind of taking over the planet. Anyone else?

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    He girlie, the swimsuits are super cute, sorry though I would have to pass up on your boutique, you know competition and all. I ask the modbod why they have not come out with suits and they said they have not found a company that has a good enough quality yet, they may have some next year? Anyways, have fun if you decide to do it. Oh yeah and the mod bod came out with super cute new bermuda shorts. Talk to you later.

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