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For those of you who have enjoyed my last blog entry, let me add a side note.
I was so impressed that after that period of time I could even RIDE the bike. We bought it at a garage sale and Drew wanted me to test-ride it, but I was afraid to biff it in front of all my neighbors. BUt, I didn’t — I rode it home like a champ (with a few little bobbles… but I didn’t end-up on the grass). Anyway, isn’t it amazing that your brain can take something you learned SO long ago and use it to do it again — 8 years later?

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Riding a Bike


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    Thats funny the other day I was looking at my dusty bike in our shed wondering if I would ever get on it again. I think maybe I’ll stick to the stationary bike I currently ride at Golds Gym. NO helmet required.

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