T minus 10 days and counting

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Ok, what on earth does the “T” stand for in that particular phrase?
Anyway, today I’d like to focus on all the great friendships I’ve made in my, almost 30 years.
I have always been really lucky. I’ve had good friends around me my whole life, people that wanted to support me, to help me choose the right. I think that a lot of that came from my parents guiding me to the right people when I was little.
As a mom, I feel like my friendships are what keep me plugging along. Knowing that other women are going through the same mommy experiences that I am. Even when you think you just can’t take it anymore, you know your friends have all come to that point too.
A while ago Drew was asking who I thought of as my “best friend” (besides him, of course). I had no answer for him. I have so many great friends that I go to for different things. They are all so varied and different.
People, I am a lucky girl.

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The final countdown


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    30 came last September for me and it was actually something I looked forward to! We celebrated with a great trip to the coast, just Aaron & I which was fabuloso! But more than that, I felt like 30 somehow legitamizes me now. People take me more seriously knowing I have a few more years’ experience than I appear to have. Mostly it’s no big deal, but in a lot of ways it is. When you’re as blessed as you and I are with great families, kids and friends, the number doesn’t mean much. Oh, and I’ve always thought the “T” stood for time….could be wrong!

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    Friends keep me sane – that’s for sure! I really think that’s why I love Relief Society so much – friends in all ages and stages of life. And then just friends from all over (including online) are such blessings. Except for my husband, I could live without probably ever talking to another man in this life, but couldn’t give up my girlfriends.

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